Saturday, 12 April 2008

From Mishish to Auntie

A 3-hour drive in hot sunshine from Canberra to Harrington Park today, with a brief stop for lunch at Goulburn, home of the Giant Merino. A few of you have seen and been dismayed by a picture of it already, an enormous cement ram towering over a rather nondescript town, looking like it should be converted into a climbing wall or a bungee jump for beginners. Goulburn, however, has a good coffee and cake stop at The Bakery, and of course we had to obey the unwritten rule of a cake a day.

We reached Tricia's family, to be greeted by three excited little girls, welcomed by their lovely parents, and the long-awaited presents were handed out. Grandma Tricia is much-loved, and I find that I am now included in the general joy and riotous fun; sadly, I am no longer called Mrs (Mishish) by the youngest but have been elevated to Auntie. Still, it's nice to be an auntie to this jolly lot.

Off to the Blue Mountains tomorrow. I am promised bell birds; I haven't a clue what they will look or sound like, but I'm filled with anticipation.

1 comment:

rogern said...

I wanna see the bell birds!

Not sure when you're back but I would recommend you dig your woolly jumper out.

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