Thursday, 31 July 2008


We are progressing at the speed of light. Cheerful and Smiley arrived at 7 a.m. all geared up for a 12-hour day, and nothing I could say or offer in the way of tea breaks would divert them from this astonishing schedule. I now have two completely gutted rooms, devoid of architrave and skirtings and everything else, and if the insulating panels and plasterboards had been delivered today instead of (wrongly) scheduled for tomorrow, the bathroom might have been half-finished. The back kitchen floor was shamefully in need of total replacement, and I was revolted to see our old cork tiles (well, it was the '80s and we had no money) exposed in all their hideousness once again as demolition took place.

The cats have been intrigued, and wandered in and out of holes in the floor for a while till they got bored; the dog has moped, as the builders said hello to her on arrival and neither petted nor fed her treats through the day, as their only stop was for a 25-minute lunch. The dog is used to tradesmen who make a fuss of her, and I suspect that her princess status has been dealt a bit of a blow today.

Now I'm off to Lesley's for a shower, then an early night, as you know what will be happening at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning, don't you....

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