Tuesday, 7 October 2008

In disgrace

This is a Very Badly Behaved Dog, and this is about as high as she is prepared to hold her head at the moment.

And why?

Coming home from having had her shampoo and cut, plus a nail trim (£26!! and I can't shop around because the horrible creature is always spectacularly carsick, so it has to be the dog grooming parlour nearby), we were just about home when we encountered a student pedalling very slowly on a bike. But he was on the pavement, not the road we had just crossed
cautiously, and the dog, normally all too willing to throw herself under any cyclist's wheels, decided to rush out into the road instead, where she was almost hit by a van.

Some abusive shrieking (me - and to my shame, directed at the dog, not the cyclist, who also qualified to be called an idiot), some horn honking (alarmed van driver), and complete lack of awareness (cyclist) ensued, and the dog came home with all the joy of having been liberated from the prison of Posh Pups evaporating in seconds.

To make it worse, I had her harness and lead with me, but she had already wriggled out of it, aided by having newly-washed short hair.

she could see out from under her fringe, she knows she shouldn't run into the road, and she knows she is in trouble, although it won't be long before she's forgotten all about it. A small dog's mind turns easily to thoughts of dinner, and it's getting on for that time....
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Charlotte said...

Tosca, when you go to Posh Pups you have to wear your bra! It's very dangerous and naughty running into roads x

Lauren said...

I know the dog is Very Badly Behaved, but that pictures just makes me want to scratch her behind her ears and kiss her on her sweet little misbehaved forehead. Rufus hates bicyclists with an unparalleled hatred, too, so I understand your pain.

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