Friday, 13 February 2009


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Cathy said...

Not ready yet??
Lousy service round here:)
Take care

laurie said...

i am not a cat person (allergic) but man your beasts are gorgeous. even to me.

_lethe_ said...

Lottie is so elegant! Gorgeous.

She can look rather grumpy (not in this photo), is she a moody cat?

Rachel said...

Lethe, Lottie isn't at all moody, and is a gentle and patient little thing, but she does have an expressive face! This means she can't always hide the fact that she is being harrassed/squashed/bounced on by a lively kitten when she really wants to indulge in her favourite hobby, sleeping.

And yes, Laurie, they are indeed gorgeous, including (sometimes)the dog. I couldn't imagine a home without pets, could you?

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