Wednesday, 23 September 2009

and on Wednesdays....

....we like to loll about on the beds.
We wash.

We gossip.

We pose for the camera.

The dog isn't allowed on our bed. She has her own. It's called a dog pie, and in winter the human puts a lid on it, made of fleece.

Then no one can see how undignified the dog looks when she's asleep.

Later, Millie tries the cage for size. She wonders if she could become feral and get lots of attention too.


Isabelle said...

Ooh, I quite fancy a lid made of fleece on my bed too. Not that I think I look quite as undignified as the dog. But nearly.

Susan said...

More sweetness ... that kitten he is adorable. Oliver wishes he could come visit.

Canadian equivalents- Pudding Bomb = Batter Bottom, Desert Derriére, Torte Tush and Podge = Porkito, Chubette, Plump One & Fat Chat

Linda said...

He's growing so fast, and so handsome with it. Missing Lottie though - is her nose really out of joint, or is she just more of a loner?
And ... are you actually doing anything else other than following LBK around with a camera in your hand? Just wondering?

rachel said...

Photo opportunities come in fits and starts, as there are also episodes of sound sleep for this lively pair, and Millie also goes outside, where the kitten can't go. It's in those quiet moments that minor events like showers, shopping and meal preparation take place!

Susan said...

... that would be Dessert Derriére - (not dry, arid, waterless place Derriére. We do hate spelling mistakes. Looking forward to more LBK & Miss Millie adventures. xo O & S

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