Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Out for a tootle with friend Annie this afternoon, into the Northumberland countryside. The sun shone, despite the forecast for rain, and we could see for miles. Few photos, as my camera battery was low, but it was the most glorious day, in beautiful rolling farmland.

Wheelbirks Farm used to be a place where you left your money in the honesty box in the farmhouse porch, collected your wonderful Jersey cream from the fridge, and drove off. It's expanded since then, and has opened an ice cream parlour. We thought we should test it out.

Annie had imagined that it would be quiet, tucked away and undiscovered, but the well-filled car park hinted at its popularity.

The production line was frantically busy.

Indoors, generous portions of very fine ice cream were served, and wolfed without the thought occurring to either of us that a photograph would be nice. By the time we remembered - oops, too late.

But the setting was delightful; each table had its own personal attendant.

Suddenly it was closing time, and the place emptied.

But no one seemed in a hurry to chase children out of the play area orchard.

The old tractor was popular.

And the chickens unperturbed.

In this smart little coop a mother hen clucked and fussed over her babies.... baby pheasants.

The notice inside, handwritten by a child, read:

These pheasant chicks are 2 (weeks?) are daddy found the eggs in a field and brought them home. We put the eggs under are broody hen and they hatched 3 days later.

After a stroll round, we got into are car and drove home. A delightful little visit, to be repeated.


jabblog said...

Looks a lovely place. The cows are Jerseys I think so I guess the ice-cream was really rich and creamy - delicious.
I remember the never-ending battle to teach children the difference between 'are' and 'our' amongst other things.

mountainear said...

Really enjoyed that after dinner (for me) stroll. I doubt I'll ever get there in person so a vicarious visit was pretty good.

the veg artist said...

Of course, you will have to go back to take photos for us. It is your duty. We expect it.

I like Jersey cows. I spent a lot of time on farms as a child, and I remember my uncle and aunt always had a few Jerseys in their small herd, to keep up the cream content of the milk, which is tested, per farm, on arrival at the dairy. The Jersey cows were calm and easy to milk, waiting their turn patiently and not reacting to my uncle's foul temper!

Dartford Warbler said...

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I hope you feel better for a change of scenery and some really good ice cream! Jersey cows are beautiful beasts.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

What a beautiful place to spend an afternoon. So glad you enjoyed the outing. I can almost taste that delicious ice cream.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

What a lovely place to take a break. Mmmn, ice cream!

Karen said...

I wish we had Jersey cows here. All I ever see in fields here in North Carolina are Holsteins. I'm not even sure that the large dairy concerns use anything but Holsteins. Maybe the little organic farms use Jerseys. However, there is an organic farm about 50 miles away which raises Belted Galloways for meat, which is a nice change from all the black Angus. Americans aren't an imaginative lot when it comes cows, I think.

Von said...

Deligthful!!! You can't beat a productive Jersey.Currently we're eating a new line of Jersey yoghurt with fruit...berries, mango,passionfruit or honey.Delicious and with the full Jersey richness from cows with faces just like these girls.Love the table markers too!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

A very grown-up treat ! Hope you remembered to take home some cream too ?

Rattling On said...

Not ice-cream weather here. More like stew and dumplings. Loving the sunshine in your pictures.

Anonymous said...

We ware most amused.

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