Thursday 31 January 2008

It's wild out there!

I have struggled home in the windiest weather, having been to administer soup and sympathy to the sick, living 14 miles away on a wind-blasted village hilltop. I rang her before the mercy dash to M & S Simply Food: what did she fancy? She chose "a bland soup", (sorry, M & S, that means your leek and potato) adding in a pathetic little voice "and an egg custard....". Only this would make her feel better. Egg custard. Groooh. Everyone has some food of choice for when they are ill, but egg custard would not help me regain my health and vitality, no indeed. When I was a child, we knew we were properly poorly when we were allowed Lucozade, which was measured out in small glasses as though it was a magic potion. The orange cellophane wrapping was removed very carefully from the bottle and used to look through or wrap pebbles in to make pretend boiled sweets. Yes, we made our own amusement then....

Annie is recovering nicely, but the weather is definitely worsening; snow, sleet, rain, all lasting no longer than a few minutes as the gales lash us into submission. Nerves shredded, fighting to keep the car on the road, I noticed quite a few birds being blown about as they strained to get home to roost, and a small dog cowering behind the spindly post to which he was tethered outside a shop, looking the very picture of misery. That dog needs a coat, I thought, even one of those embarrassing ones with a peaked cap. Or a bee hat, like the one my dog ungratefully received from Suzy. See picture of bee hat and ungrateful wearers, above.

My house is whistling with draughts, and the dog has made it clear that she does not intend to be taken out for a walk, thank you. I suppose she will be getting enough fresh air indoors. My recycling box has blown away - my own fault for leaving it at the front door - which is quite a relief. Our council issued ugly black plastic boxes which did not have lids so didn't cope well with being left outdoors, and which did not fit in any normal cupboard indoors. So they became domestic trip hazards, universally hated and much complained about, and I hope no one finds mine and returns it.

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