Sunday 30 March 2008

This is the life

Can't post any pictures yet, until we work out how to make our camera/PC programmes compatible, so you will have to take my word for how beautiful it is here. I will have to stay alert to the overuse of words like beautiful, amazing, wonderful, astonishing, stunning, but it will be hard. However, I shall allow myself a few this time; I'm still a bit underslept and none too clever, and adopting a writing style to match my brain today would risk unsublime prose along the lines of: Yesterday we went in the big car. It was fun. We saw a pelican.

Yesterday we had a family outing to Wollongong, via an amazingly scenic route, had barramundi and chips on the harbour (built 1844 by 300 convicts - see, a bit of history too) and then Tricia and I drove to Canberra, shifting suddenly from lush green landscape to dry, reaching her comfortable welcoming home full of familiar things from when she lived in Newcastle and couldn't part with anything.

She lives right on the edge of the city, so a quick car ride to get some groceries allowed us to see large wild kangaroos in the deepening dusk; these, the sunset behind the Brindabellas (mountains to you who haven't been) all around, and the emergence of bright unfamiliar stars suddenly overwhelmed me, and I found myself helplessly in tears, so conscious of being on the other side of the world, with an old and dear friend, having what I hope will continue to be a strange and wonderful time.

Don't think I'll have barramundi again though.

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