Sunday 6 June 2010

Bulletin 3

Hamish here. I am feeling a bit lost without my pal Scooter. I've carried toy mice around, tried to get Lottie to snuggle in with me, purred loudly at Rachel -  although I still didn't let her stroke me for ages - and fidgeted a great deal all evening. I wish Scooter would come home. I don't like hanging out in the yard on my own. I'm a Team Player. Without a team.

Rachel says she is trying Positive Reframing. Let me try to remember what she said..... She can't think continuously of Scooter as being lost/trapped/suffering/dead, because it doesn't make any difference to whether or not he comes home, but just makes her very unhappy.

Instead she is imagining him as experimenting with a return to a free life as a feral cat, enjoying being in amongst the trees and eating wild food. If he likes it enough, he might stay there, and if he doesn't, then he might come home. And if he does come home, he might be happier with us instead of being scared half the time.

She says that it won't stop her from putting out notices about him and having long walks trying to find him. It won't stop her from being very sad without him, but it helps a bit with the worrying and the making up horrible scenarios. And she doesn't care if anyone laughs at her or says it's potted psych-something; she says it will stop her from having leaky eyes all the time.

If Scooter does come home, I hope he brings me a present from his holidays. A bird or a mouse, now that would be good. But it would be good just to see him back home, even if he didn't bring me anything. Come home, Scooter. The old bench is much nicer with you on it with me.


Von said...

Scooter please come home soon.Adventures are only adventures when they have an ending.

Geiger and Sporran said...

We're all still sending our positives.Dinah says she particularly understands.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Positive thinking , a very good idea .
He'll be back when he's ready.
Don't pace about all night !

Karen said...

I'm tearing up...he's just having an adventure, that's all--and no matter what I'm sure he's doing quite well...but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed (and my kitty Spenser is keeping his paws crossed) that he decides to come back to you.

judy in ky said...

Dear little Hamish, I hope you pal is back with you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello.....Have followed you for awhile, came upon your blog via 29 Black Street. I am so sorry that Scooter is away (best half glass full way I can put it). I also, just today, found the 'team's site', OMG what a riot. I enjoy your posts, the getting the house ready, the move, mostly the cats (yes, love all cats and all their antics, but your journalism adds such a wonderful twist ). I hope the best for Scooter and more importantly you, it is the worst to not know. You have done so much to bring these lovely creatures to a civil place with balanced meals and on-going social circle - all my best to you. Kitty(yes, my real name) in the USA.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Good luck with the evaluation , today . Luckily you've got everything sparklingly ready so it'll be simple .

lovethosecupcakes said...

Oh Hamish, Buzz here knows that feeling as his brother showed the same wanderlust as Scooter. Maybe Rachel could try contacting these good people:

Marie Rayner said...

Still praying that Scooter comes home soon. xxoo

Dan said...

Time to head home now Scooter!
Like the positive reframing technique, I might have to try that myself!
Hope you are doing OK Rachel.

the veg artist said...

Rupert went off for three days once, so I know how worried you are. They like to remind us that we do not own them, and we can only be honoured when they choose to return.

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