Tuesday 20 July 2010

Sweet treat

I very rarely eat bread, so when I do, a  crusty, white, unsliced loaf is what I choose. Wholemeal doesn't offer the same treat appeal.

Not being in the mood for baking, with a house full of half-filled cardboard boxes looking reproachfully at me, I bought a small organic loaf simply for this: a slice of bread, butter, and some home made gooseberry jam.

Worth every calorie, carb and frisson of non-wholegrain guilt.


the veg artist said...

My gran, a farmer who lived until she was 93, made the most amazing bread in an old bread oven set into the wall above a fire. The farm had been the local mill, but by the time I was born she bought sacks of white flour, and each week she would bake enough to fill a wonderful press - large round flat loaves for the grown-ups and small ones for the grandchildren. This took all day.

The bread would be sliced so thinly you could see through it, and was eaten on good china in the parlour. The best bit for me was that the ham was kept on hooks above the table, and if I was lucky, a little salt would fall down onto my plate.

It was wonderful bread, but I didn't know then that I have coeliac disease. It was the worse thing I could have been eating - and, at my gran's table, you ate what you were given!

Your picture does bring back the simple, pure taste of good bread, though.

I suppose I could have the jam?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes 'healthy' bread just isn't right! I think toasted cheese is best on good old fashioned pan bread.

Susan said...

looks delish ... trouble with me is I wouldn't stop at just one slice

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I love any type of crusty bread. That gooseberry jam looks delicious on the bread.

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