Friday 8 April 2011

Blue day

Stained glass shadow in the lobby.

Rosemary in flower, looking bleached in the bright sunlight.

Receiving visitors.

Flossie waiting for her walk, ball at the ready.

Grape hyacinths.

A hint of blue water butts with my (former - small repressed sob) allotment just visible through the park.

A bluish-grey smudge in the trees that turned out to be a squirrel, leaping seconds after I pressed the shutter. Numbers are increasing, despite the bloody war being waged.

Sky reflected in Flossie's river before she churns it all up.

A small blue bruise under my nail, the result of an over-enthusiastic leap by Flossie for the stick I was holding. My, a dog bite, even a completely accidental little one, is unbelievably painful!

And then there's the depressing conversation with the estate agent this morning, who admitted that no, nothing in my area was selling. In other areas, things were looking up. I must try not to feel blue about that.

Perhaps I should occupy my time with doing something about those disgraceful cuticles....


Anonymous said...

I can vouch for the sore finger, as I was there when it happened - she was very ladylike in her pain ..... unlike me, who would have had to make a large contribution to the swear box!!

Pam said...


(In response to your comment - I'm having trouble with Blogger. I could get either paragraphs or font the same size all the way through; just not both. Grrr.)

judy in ky said...

I have an ongoing battle with my own cuticles. No bites, but I often have little kitty scratches on my hands.

the veg artist said...

You need lots of orange - the opposing colour!

June said...

As you know, I FEEL YOUR PAIN.
When the poodles were but tiny pups, one of them nipped at his brother and got Husband's thumbnail instead. Tooth went right through the nail. It is a tribute to Husband's self-control that we still had two dogs after that.

rogern said...

there's a stall on the farmers market in the toon selling grey squirrel. apparently more like duck in taste than rabbit!

flwrjane said...

Your nails look a 1000 times better than mine, then again I'm a florist. if i ever modeled mine you would all shriek!

Lovely spots of blue and sunshine. ours ran away and we've been rained on all day:(

xo Jane

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I love your first photo ! Such a beautiful blue . Your nail is also an attractive shade . Were it not thanks to a throbbing bruise , you'd have us following you in droves .
I'll just stick to Chanel Blue Satin .

Rattling On said...

We're still at the yellow stage here, even the tulips aren't out yet. Then it'll be blue when all the bluebells flower. We are so far behind everywhere else (as always) my blog posts always lag when they refer to the garden!
Glad you liked the RSPB link, I use it a lot and it's always bang up to date.

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