Friday 20 January 2012

They're back!

The builders, that is (and Masterchef, which is much more exciting).

Just doing a few odds and ends.

Front of house: weedy in summer, swampy in winter. Not good for the foundations.

The Supervisor is making sure they get it right.

Done. Not lovely, but affordable, and will improve with age and a couple of planters.

Back of house: you can't spot it here, but the rendering on the little back door's lintel is dropping to bits, as rainwater runs into it.

There's a trainee supervisor for the back of house. Catkin is getting braver, and having a rare moment in the fresh air.

I love this Heath-Robinson contraption with its wind-up handle; it spits wet mortar and pebbles onto the surface.

And the windows.

Next: the painter will come in, and then - who knows, I may be finished with builders for the moment. All that's left to do is summer-weather and-winning-the-lottery work.

The Supervisors will have to find alternative employment.

They say they'd rather take a well-earned break, thank you very much.

Next project for me (and Mountainear, who has kindly offered to help with design):


Arthur Ransome said...

Lucky you having such a brief builders' visit!!! I love the "cobbles" and that machine. Are you copper-bottoming 'em, my man? No, I'm pebble-dashing the lot!

Catkin has such lovely gingery tones in the daylight. She gives me hope that my Naomi will eventually come downstairs.

And I love the bare bones of your garden. It'll be fun to see what you do with it. All I'd suggest is a few fuchsias . . .

Anonymous said...

Your hose is getting better and better. I am now looking forward to seeing the garden plans.
Dear Lottie and Catkin, don't they work well?

judy in ky said...

Where do you find all the handy men? You seem to have a reliable supply of them. Cute supervisors! I'm glad Catkin is getting out and about.

Desiree said...

I can finally leave a comment. I love your house and live in joyful anticipation to see all the unfinished bits getting a workout. Now the garden, I can't wait.
Catkin is doing his (or her) best and is being very brave !

Noelle the dreamer said...

The part about earning the Lotery sounds like a good idea to me Rachel!
A very cold greeting from our chilly (and very icy) Pacific NW coast (so far we have lost the power 6 times in 24 hours sigh...)
Blessings to all,
P.S. Flossie, where are you?

jabblog said...

Yet further improvements - you'll have fun filling the planters/tubs/whatever you have.

mountainear said...

Lottie would scare the socks off me were I a workin' man. And those cobbles are Ok.

Great picture of the back of the garden - could you email me a copy?please.

John said...

Supervisor looks very displeased in her second and third photos. I take it the builders shaped up.

annie hoff said...

I like the cobbles on the path they look brilliant - they suit the house. I quite like that wooden trestle too - I don't suppose you'd nick it for me...?! Are they the same workman who've done all your other work as well? Do they know they're famous and sought after..?!

Dartford Warbler said...

A real improvement and the cobbles look fine. They will soon weather.

Good to see that Catkin is getting braver.

flwrjane said...

Talk about living vicariously! Excellent work by all.

Buy me a lottery ticket too will you?

I have a few jobs that need doing.

xo Jane

Anonymous said...

I love the brick walls in your garden!

And there's nothing wrong with those cobbles, they look great!

Anonymous said...

I may need to ask who your builders are, if you recommend them as you seem to. I have horrible leaking chimney causing me problems.

I love the cobbles outside your house, by the way.

Marcheline said...

The cobbles ARE lovely, actually. But I agree with you about planters and plants... they are always what I long for around house windows! Great photos, and your cats (er, supervisors) are precious.

MLou said...

I love the cobbles too. They are not common around here. The mortar spitting rig is very cool too.

Anonymous said...

+1 for the loveliness of the cobbles.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Mountainear is helping with the desgin of your garden! Lucky lucky you! I have seen hers in all seasons and it is lovely. Can't wait to see.

Ginnie said...

I love those cobblestones - beautiful! And that you seem to be able to spot the problems and make a decision. I tend to think about things for years before I figure out what actually needs to be done.

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