Tuesday 11 September 2012

Postcard from Mallorca

Well, there was certainly a lot to see and do in one week.

There was weather. (It improved, and we were told that the first rains in 16 weeks had ended a period of unbearable humidity, so we weren't complaining.)

There were roads, either superb or interesting, all a joy to drive on.

There were views.

And stairs.

Lots of stairs.

So many churches! 

And a cathedral, promising much, but such a chaotic jumble of styles and standards of artwork (Palma cathedral was a WIP for over 300 years - that's a lot of project managers) inside the beautiful soaring interior stonework! I can't bear to show you. An earnest guide was explaining the Gaudi additions, and asked her large group if anyone liked them. There was a tense silence. No one did. And neither did we.

We would have liked to explore Palma, but decided to leave it for another day, and instead took the coastal route north. We bypassed popular Magaluf; we know our limitations.....

A stunning route, winding up and up through the Serra de Tramuntana. We stopped for lunch at a wayside restaurant, and - with the benefit of siesta time keeping everyone else away - sat alone on the terrace. 

With this view.

We went to lovely little Deia, where we got a parking ticket and a fine, that we didn't actually discover until we got to Port de Soller. Too long and complicated a tale to relate about trying and failing to pay that fine as night was falling in the mountains a long way from our hotel, so if you don't want to read anything more written by an exasperated fugitive from the law, stop right here. 

Despite the inadvertent criminality, Deia may well be our next holiday destination. We know where not to park.

Port de Soller was pretty.

Soller was seen briefly in darkness; I know where the police station and its surly cop on duty is.

The week flew by. We went to markets.

And a certain someone bought some very malodorous cheese. Blue, vintage, goat.... need I say more?

We ate fairly well; the local ensaimada became a particular favourite of mine, although I have since read that it is made with pork lard - best not tell the vegetarian Gardener about that....

Vegetarianism is not well understood - how many dishes do Spaniards smuggle ham into, we wondered? Grilled vegetables were a good standby. 

We didn't limit ourselves too much!

We sat in cafes and people-watched.

And we took far, far too many pictures.

Including of trees.

Shady plane trees.


Date palms.



New to me, carob, except as a revolting drink. The Gardener reminisced about life on an Israeli kibbutz. As he did when he spotted ripe prickly pears.

We passed that stringent test, the Being Together On Holiday, with flying colours. We had a lot of fun, enjoyed almost every moment (well, you don't enjoy a parking ticket, particularly), and came home with exactly 20 euros, which will be the start of our holiday fund for next time.

Oops, this postcard is getting rather full; the writing is sprawling over onto the corner where the stamp must be stuck, so perhaps I should stop. Like all good postcards, it arrives late: too late for the traditional 'Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here' message. But we did have a wonderful time. Now it's autumn in Somerset, and that's pretty wonderful too.

Hasta la próxima.


the veg artist said...

I can almost feel the heat coming out of the photos - looks wonderful!

John said...

No such thing as too many photos when on vacation... Sorry about the parking ticket!

Rattling On said...

So glad it was all that you wanted, and more it seems to me. And, by the way, there's no such thing as taking too many photos!

Anonymous said...

I just came back from a week in Normandy, where we did nothing at all, not even a photo...

Gretel said...

Ah, it's lovely to see warm and foreign climes - but even better to see YOU and your handsome chap!

Bow Street Flowers said...

Full on photo of The Gardener! Handsome!!! AND a vegetarian. Score, Rachel!

Noelle the dreamer said...

Oh my Rachel, you made my day! I left my heart in April 1972 in Puerto de Soller...
Thanks for sharing! Lots of memories there...
Happy to hear you made the most of your holiday!
Blessings to all (Hi Flossie...did you miss Mum?)

flwrjane said...

That was fabulous, I almost forgot I was sitting in the back room at a florist shop dressed in a dirty apron.

I was on holiday!.

So glad to hear all went swimmingly.

xo jane

Lucille said...

Very readable postcard. I like themed photos! Never been there but thanks to you may add it to my Bucket List.

Anonymous said...

what a fabulous holiday blog. wonderful photos. you did not take too many. i was interested to read that the gardener worked in israel. thank you for a good read

Gwen Buchanan said...

Wow,wow, wow, I am blown away by the beauty. That was a good time!!!

judy in ky said...

Beautiful people in your photographs... and beautiful food and beautiful views; even beautiful stairs. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I had to look it up to see where Majorca is. It looks like a wonderful holiday.

love those cupcakes said...

It all sounds so very good. Well, not the pork lard......

Anonymous said...

We think we recognised the steps up to Calvari in Pollensa ...... and we definitely recognised the plump chap on the arket stall!!

jabblog said...

You certainly packed a lot into your holiday. Your photos are splendid - you can never have too many memories:-)

Susan said...

What a lovely virtual tour - love the foody details especially & the actual faces of you & the gardener - a very handsome couple indeed. He's a little James Bond-ish "we" think. Plus a vegetarian and an actual gardener stop !! I say. Stop with the goodness. Sooooooo happy for you both.

Much love to the team
xoxo Susan + Gang

alice c said...

Sunshine - tick
Views - tick
Markets - tick
Cheese - tick, tick
Stairs - not so good
Police station - not so good

So very glad that you both had a wonderful time and thank you for sharing those fabulous photos. When you look back at this time last year does it seem like another lifetime?

hasenschneck said...

How lovely it all looks. So glad that you had a nice time.

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