Wednesday 5 December 2012

Jump! We're off.

Oooh, this is nerve-wracking.......

I've just started a new blog on Wordpress, and this one will be mothballed, but remain loved (by me, anyway) just like an old teddy.

Slow Lane Life II is now in embryonic form - click HERE to leap into hyperspace and find yourself on an alien planet that hasn't been very well constructed. 

My new baby. Come and peer anxiously at it, and will it into being. 

Don't fuss too much about the weird layout or the bizarre colours, will you; you have no idea how much effort it took to get the thing up and running at all, let alone attending to the aesthetics. I shall continue to learn, tweak and tinker, and who knows, maybe even get those cats on it too.

Now I can go and have a little lie down.


dinahmow said...

I'll nip across to Wordpress as soon as I've made coffee (been wrestling with computers!) and have a look.
On the whole, I am happier over there, but one thing I have learned is that having a "dummy" blog is very good for trying "stuff." I never publish it;it's just for trials.

Heaven forfend Wordpress should introduce that damned anti-robot gobbledegook!

the veg artist said...

Have a well-earned retirement, Blog I. You've served us well!

Anonymous said...

I shall miss this blog, but wish you good luck for the new one. I'll just pop over for a look. said...

So nice blogger

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