Monday, 19 May 2008

Dental angst and displacement activity

A cat update, for those of you who care. Kevin the Ancient is rather chipper at the minute, and obviously doing well on his medication. That's a relief; it costs a fortune. After 18 years of resolutely ignoring a litter tray in favour of the back yard, where he has his own large plant pot in the corner, he has started to use Harry's tray, although the etiquette of sharing a loo is lost on him, and I have to do the covering-up for him. I know, I know, you didn't need the detail.....I am getting a second tray, but I know Kevin will use both, regardless.

Poor Harry has been to the vet again today, albeit under protest (ie having to be forcibly stuffed into the basket, followed by very loud yowling in the car) and has had a back tooth out. The anaesthetic is taking a while to wear off. Like a tired toddler, he is fighting sleep, and following me around in the most pitiful way, not knowing quite what to do with himself, lapsing into a mini-stupor now and again, and I feel like a criminal.

In my guilt and anxiety, waiting for the time when I could rescue him and fetch him home again where I could apologise and atone, I busied myself round the house, it being too cold to go far with the dog. I cleaned windows (yes I did!), baked a chocolate cake in order to try a ganache topping (very chocolate-y but horridly sweet, I thought) and made an experimental batch of digestive biscuits, which were - though I says it what shouldn't - rather decent, and would be very good with cheese. Tomorrow my friend Benedict is visiting, and he can have them after supper. As he seems to subsist on rather spartan-sounding one-pot meals, two courses and some home baking might seem rather exotic.

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