Tuesday, 13 May 2008

What we do on dull days at home in The Doldrums

  • Look at the heaps of papers on the kitchen surfaces and think about sorting them before they overflow onto the floor
  • Make a cup of tea instead
  • Walk the dog, posting that letter of complaint to British Airways at last
  • Read the post - my sister's postcard from Egypt, sent on April 14th
  • Feed the half-starved cats - after all, it is about an hour since they were last fed
  • Hang washing out, always strangely satisfying if you do it nicely, attending to colour co-ordination
  • Read emails; weep a bit nostalgically over one from Australia
  • Reply to emails, trying not to write "Put the kettle on - I'm booking a ticket to Sydney right now! (but not with British Airways)."
  • Look at the heaps etc
  • Make a batch of very lovely simple little cupcakes with raspberry jam in their middles
  • Make a cup of tea and eat two cupcakes while still warm, congratulating oneself on one's (partial) domesticity
  • Browse the Lakeland catalogue, and note that the Poach Pods that I was delighted to find in Melbourne are now available here at less than half the price
  • Clean the cat litter tray; a particularly life-affirming activity, I'd say
  • Look at the heaps etc
  • Tidy the already-tidy sitting room, the only presentable room in the house
  • Worry for a bit - about China and Tibet, the Lovely Son's finances, Harry's bald patch where he pulls his fur out
  • Read the magazine promoting the city centre shopping mall; think about writing a venomous letter about the grammar and spelling, but be vaguely pleased about Waitrose coming soon
  • Look at the heaps and consider putting them in a carrier bag to tackle another day. This is a proven technique for high-speed tidying when short-notice visitors are on their way; who says I can't use it today?
  • Have a cup of tea but not another cupcake; see, self-discipline is not totally dead
  • Wonder about getting a hobby - maybe one that doesn't involve cake
  • Notice that the dog went back to bed hours ago; clearly, she can read the runes that say nothing interesting will happen round here today. Sensible beast
  • Now, those heaps...where was I.....

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