Friday, 28 August 2009

that's stretching it a little

Lead is soft and bendy, easily twisted and dented, and has to be stretched before it will hold glass securely. From time to time, the artist-slave in the attic would call me from my concentrated domestic duties to share in this task. So far, that's all I've been allowed to do. That panel has been more jealously guarded than a newborn tiger cub.

Lizzie wonders how we stretch our lead. If you're doing it alone, you can place one end in a gripping device designed for that specific purpose, and pull the other end yourself. It is of course essential that the device is securely fixed to an immoveable surface, or there will be more undignified falling over backwards than actual stretching.

But it's easier if two stout personages do it. Each must grasp an end of the length of lead with pliers, and pull.

No, no, not wussy pulling like that.

More like this. You don't need a bespectacled bloke to encourage you, though.

This is good. You need to put your back into it.

And you pull, and you pull. No falling over or letting go. When the lead is straight, and has firmed up - you'll know when it's ready because you are now purple-faced and ready to blow a blood vessel - you stop, and the boss says "thad'll do" in a laconic Aussie accent. And then you go for a little lie down.


Anonymous said...

Good exercise, then? :-)
(Love the illustrations!)

Marie said...

That's very funny. I rarely snicker out loud at blogs and I was snickering as well as huffing through my nose.

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