Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Tic toc

I could just go and hide in a cupboard with a bucket over my head and have a little scream...... A Festive Cheer with a difference. Instead, I shall have myself a little blog-moan.

 I was up too early today, underslept and a bit harassed by my own unpreparedness and domestic disorder.

This morning's gift from Flossie was less copious and less noxious than before, but it didn't make for a pleasant start to the day.

I have given Flossie her tablets, and been practically knocked out by her bad breath in the process, but despite unpleasantness at either end, she seems in fine spirits, and rather enjoying the regular small applications of boiled white rice and chicken. But tomorrow I shall talk to the vet, as I'm beginning to feel anxious about her.

I have 6 people coming round tonight - the same 6* who come round every month for waxing, tweezing, pedicures, manicures, gossip and a good catch up with old friends. Tonight is our Chinese Takeaway Christmas Ritual night. I could place the order by memory, year on year - everyone orders exactly what they had last year, and we all complain that we've ordered too much, eaten too much,  and look at all that leftover rice! So it gets packed up for someone's thrifty lunch tomorrow.

My mantelpiece isn't finished - this is scandalous, as it is always finished, with fresh holly and ivy, for this evening together, and this year I have failed miserably.... where did the time go?

The shower room is nowhere near finished either; who knows where the missing toilet is now? The supplier has closed till the 29th.

It has taken me several attempts and an embarrassing amount of time to clear the kitchen table of all the wrapping stuff; the kitchen table is essential if we are to devour all that Chinese food out of reach of cats and dogs. Plastic bags full of supposedly cleared up 'stuff' are hidden behind doors. I don't know where to place all the nicely wrapped Christmas parcels, where Scooter won't confettify them, nor can I leave chocolates or nuts set out for guests within reach of a certain dog.

Sometimes I have a sense of being bullied and oppressed by my animals.

So I gave myself a little break today: I walked over the bridge and through the park to feed a friend's cat - and I didn't take the dogs! I couldn't face the strain of keeping Miss Scavenger away from all the garbage and bird food, or of exhorting Miss Reluctant to keep up and stop looking so bloody martyred. And that half hour felt like freedom....

The Lovely Son should have arrived this afternoon, but no East Coast trains are running. He will try again tomorrow, but I can't say I feel hopeful. He rings regularly, and because he lives in a basement flat, he loses the signal frequently, and I spend much of our call saying "What?" till he gets fed up and rings off. His housemate is there with him, instead of in Rio; all is chaos for would-be travellers.

Time to stop whining and get back to work. I have a little tic in my left eye. If anyone winks back at me, I shall punch them. Father Christmas, you have been warned.

*Edit: 5 people. I'm the 6th. I can't even count any more...


elizabethm said...

Oh Rachel, I have just left you a reply on mine hoping for the return of the lovely son. Fingers crossed. I am not ready either. Good friends who were supposed to be coming for a drink tomorrow night partly to prove to FIL that our life hadn't stopped in having him with us, have just rung to say their beloved dog has had a stroke so won't be coming. However the falling snow is absurdly beautiful. I have iced the cake. Hope you enjoy your Chinese. I doubt anyone will mind about the mantelpiece.xx

Anonymous said...

First - a word on the bucket thing. I'm reliably informed that one can choose the flamboyant-yell-at-the-world scream with a tin bucket or opt for the restrained, ladylike, private scream with a plastic bucket. I hope this helps.
And I am sorry for your son and all the other marooned travellers...of whom I may become one!!!!!!!!!!
There is an ugly rumour about a cyclone coming our way on Christmas Day.
I may have to ask Estorbo to use his influence!
In the meantime, get to work with those chopsticks and enjoy all the good bits of life.

(The vet sounds like a good idea;maybe a quick needle will sort it out.)

judy in ky said...

Ah, the season of too much to do, with the weather not cooperating. I don't blame you a bit for whining. Sometimes it seems that everything is working against us, doesn't it?
Our animals are a bit like children, aren't they? We love them dearly but they can be naughty at times. I sincerely hope Flossie wil be okay. Such a dear.
I agree with above... I doubt your guests will mind if the mantelpiece isn't done. I'm sure it matters more to you than it does to them.

flwrjane said...

Totally how I feel when I'm the first one home after a long hard day at work and I want to relax and have a bit of a blog or read the newspaper or just sit for a moment but the dog's going crazy and the cat is yowling to be fed and everyone is super excited and I'm saying can I just have 5 minutes??!!

I'm sorry about the mantle, I'd do it for you in a jiff if I were there. But I'm mostly sorry your weather is so awful and you night not have the lovely son home.

xo Jane

Von said...

Happy Christmas, enjoy all you can, wink at who you like and hope the trains start running.

BumbleVee said...

now, now...no fair punching out poor old Father Christmas.. none of this is his fault.

I think the tic should go away as soon as you get a good night's sleep and some peace and quiet... oh, let's say... perhaps some time in the New Year?

Not much air traffic or other travel happening all over Europe really...and east coast of Canada either for that matter.... it's winter.....

We, on the other hand... are having unseasonably warm temperatures... and it's getting even warmer over the festive few days.... up to plus numbers if you can believe the weatherman... we'll still have a white Christmas..cuz there is plenty of snow still...but, warmer than other parts of the country for sure.... lucky us ...this year. It changes from year to year....

the veg artist said...

This will all look better in the morning - presuming there hasn't been too much Christmas 'cheer', of course!

Lesley said...

Some years it all goes smoothly and others not. Poorly dog undoubtedly does NOT help. Hope she gets better soon. Also hope you have a lovely time with your pals and that Lovely Son arrives home soon. x x x

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

So , by now you'll have had your Take-Away night and will be pleasantly full of crispy deliciousness and good chat . LS will find a way home ( bringing non-Rio-bound friend?) and Flossie's diet will have turned the tide ( if you see what I mean ) .
Chin up !! .... and feet up !

Anonymous said...

I shall let you in to my sister's secret - anything you want to hide from guests - in her case a VERY large moujtain of ironing ...... pop it in the boot of the car (even Delia recommends using the car as an emergency fridge at this time of year!! I can sympathise with the Flossie problem - when we first got our spaniel, everything seemed to go through her - the vet advised us to mix bran in her food to give her system some bulk to work on, and gradually she settled down. I do hope your son manages to visit - according to the radio the east coast trains are running again today. Have fun and enjoy your Chinese, love Anne x

Lucille said...

Flossie can have some of your leftover rice! One less chore. I am all helpfulness. Definitely thawing down here and trains getting back to some sort of normal. I am hopeful for your Lovely Son.

mountainear said...

Hope the Lovely Son makes it - we're hoping ours will get here to but up the West Coast line as far as Brum.

another load of snow last night and now drifting. Part of me wants to just stay hunkered down in front of the fire but like you the is Too Much To Do. Eek.

Wish I had your Chinese meal to look forward to - sounds great fun.

Best wishes to Flossie hope she is better soon. When our dogs get upset tums we give then Gaviscon - on the recommendation of the vet I must add.

Shelagh said...

Oh dear. Hopefully things have settled down some by now and maybe the LS is on his way - or there! My friend's daughter finally got out of Heathrow yesterday after waiting since Saturday and is now home with her ecstatic family. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Flossie will be recovered and your little family reunited by the close of today.

Susan said...

OMGoodness we love your blog

Oliver's sitting practically on my key board as I attempt to type this comment. He wants me to send his undying love, best holiday wishes, some virtual catnip and loads of affection to M.Millie (and the team) Please.

our favourite bits (to use a British term)

blog moan
Chinese takeaway Christmas Ritual
confettify (where has this word been all my life?)
les tic - watch out !!

all in all we sympathize tremendously. I find Christmas does this always - sneaks up - fortunately other than making enough candy to supply our little seaside village, we don't do much Christmas stuff so I'm ready without even trying.

Fingers & paws all crosses that the L. Son makes it through today. Bonne Mets Chinois xo les Gang

lovethosecupcakes said...

I was just about to say that I'm ever hopeful of finding a large empty cupboard to stash away the mountain of stuff we've accumulated here. Then I read the comment above about using the car boot. Problem sorted. I love blogging, me.

Floridagirl said...

Isn't that feeling awful?! Hope your holiday straightens out and runs smoothly. As an 80-something friend of my 80 year-old grandmother told her when things weren't going right... Chin up, tits out! (Hope no one's offended by that)

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