Saturday, 6 August 2011

Retrospective 3

A busy week. The mornings start with this view from my bed, and a big purry, drooly cuddle with Hamish, who spends the rest of his time behind the wardrobe or out in the garden from dusk onwards. He seems happy here.

The garden will be a Spring project; there's a lot of bare earth, and too many fuschias for my liking. At the end is the linhay, home to many of my empty boxes awaiting freecycling, and a large toad.

On Wednesday the 3 Good Fairies came, and the Lovely Son left.

We worked, then went to Dunster, and ate a large cream tea.

And then they had to go for their evening flight. A brief visit, but a lovely one.

We wept. The dogs moped. Three favourite aunties all at once; they had been in heaven!

All at once, the cats seemed settled enough to be allowed out. After all, how would they learn where they lived if they were kept shut in all the time?

Three of them are there in the garden somewhere.

While someone else did what she does best.

As the week went on, anxiety increased about the whereabouts of the lamb tagine. I toiled through box after box, until, in the furthest corner....

There it was! Along with a sad lettuce, half a cabbage, and a morsel of very malodorous feta cheese. It had all gone in the removals wagon rather than the car because I had left just as the neatly-packed contents of the fridge were discovered - still in the fridge.

The lamb tagine had been tightly wrapped up, so there was no smell.

Just signs of bacterial life....

The days went on, the boxes decreased in height and number.

The lovely neighbours brought fresh eggs and a huge fudgy chocolate cake.

Along with a card and some sweet little gifts.

Lizzie's neighbour Harold, who is about 81, and does woodwork as a hobby, had made me a special holder for artificial flowers.

And a tealight holder.

Flossie found that the kitchen door was just the right height to look in and sigh over how slowly Tosca was eating her dinner before the special labrador dish-polishing was required.

We all became friends with the puppy next door.

His feet are larger than Flossie's.

And he is learning that when a cat says no, she means NO!

He and Flossie steal each other's chews.

And we love him.

In fact, we love pretty much everything just now!


Arthur Ransome said...

What fun it all looks, even the infamous lamb tagine. Guess you weren't watching the Mahler prom, then.

Dartford Warbler said...

What a fantastic place you have moved to Rachel! Kind neighbours, a beautiful cottage and garden AND a puppy friend for Flossie. She (and you) must be in seventh heaven.

I`m sure it is easier for cats to explore and settle somewhere new when they have companions, as yours do.

Isabelle said...

How lovely. And don't you have lovely friends too? As well as the Lovely Son. How lucky you are! (and also lovely).

The Wanderer said...

Aww the lab puppy is just soooo adorable.

flwrjane said...

Well I'm loving it right along with you all.

More please.

xo jane

June said...

Oh, what a lovely report this is!
I love that you have a Flossie lookalike so near; they'll have fun together all their lives. Cats need to be outdoors, I believe. They are good at it, and need the mental exercise.
SO glad to know that the piles of boxes are diminishing in number!
The three good fairies do indeed look like fairy godmothers!

knutty knitter said...

Sounds like a really good place to be :) That wardrobe must be something extra special!

viv in nz

Desiree said...

The joy of your new home leaps from the screen, and leaves me with a smile on my face.

Lesley said...

You all sound so happy to have followed your dream. I'm really pleasedfor you, and full of admiration that you've done it too. So many people don't.

Lesley xx

Rose H (UK) said...

Rachel, you look as if you are settled in nicely :o) along with all of your wonderful companions who have already found a new friend next door.
It's lovely to have such good neighbours - what a fabulous welcome from them all!
I can imagine that you and your dear friends are going to miss each other,even though you'll keep in touch and visit...but there are many new friends surrounding you as well.
I'm glad that the great wall of boxes is lessening - and of course that the tagine is found!
As for the garden..I think that it's perhaps better to wait and see what appears over a couple of seasons anyway - you never know what gems are lying dormant to spring into life and surprise you.
Your new home looks idillic to me, and I'm certain you are going to be very happy and contented there :o)
Best wishes
Rose H (who's a little jealous in the nicest possible way!)

the veg artist said...

From the 'growth' in your garden, I can see that you will soon learn why the south west is so verdant and pretty. You'll turn into one of those mad women out snipping things back in your nightie! It all looks so exciting though. Well done. YOU DID IT!

Anonymous said...

We just read your post together - Malcolm's first remark was on the wall of boxes - it's almost five years since we moved here, but we still remember negotiating piles of boxes! Of course we oooohed over the puppy - especially the last photo - he looks adorable. What lovely pressies to welcome you to your new home ...... of course you didn't spoil your diet and eat the cake!! It is thoroughly wet and miserable again today - I am thinking of running away to somewhere hot and dry. We seem to have missed summer, and autumn has arrived early!

Anonymous said...

Great to see that all members of the family unit are very happily rehoused, including Hamish who caused even me some grey hairs, and also that your new neighbours show encouraging signs of being worthy members for your expanding "Good Fairy Club". Have fun. OllieV

sarah said...

Glad you all made it,glad you love it and so glad all your 4 legged family members look sooooo happy.x

judy in ky said...

Just wonderful. I think I want to live in your village. Wasn't it Hamish who was being standoffish... and now he is having a cuddle. He must be happy there.

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