Saturday, 10 November 2012

So where were we?

Oh yes.... eating for Britain in South London.

The Lovely Son and Mexican girlfriend C have moved - bravely, given their independent natures - into a flat together, and had invited us to be their first visitors. 

So off we went to Camberwell the other day, bringing meaty foodstuffs from our local farm shop, and enjoying the ethnic diversity that London offers. We especially enjoyed the range of interesting cafes and restaurants not available to us in West Somerset; we planned to eat out at some point.

At some point? Ha. We ate out at every meal. Restraint was not an option with four robust appetites to appease. Day 1: Mexican lunch, art gallery coffee and cake, enormous Turkish dinner (how I love Turkish food!); the next day, English breakfast, cheap and cheerful Vietnamese lunch, Greek bread and pastries to bring home on the train. What piggies we were.

We also trawled charity shops, where a nice little white coat was tried on and obtained for a song, and a volunteer willingly allowed himself to be photographed  - after all, you don't pierce and tattoo yourself and expect not to be looked at.

We visited the Lovely Son's scruffy newly-tidied workshop.

We looked at works in progress.

We walked miles, just looking around. 

We caught up with each other. It was lovely.

And suddenly it was time to make our way to the bus and then to the Tube.

 No prizes for guessing which Tube station.

And on to Paddington. I always wonder what these huge Victorian railway stations must have been like when gas lit. 

We sat on the train amidst hundreds of other people all busy with laptops, iPads or phones, and were back in Somerset by mid-evening. 

Flossie had enjoyed her sleepover with Suzi up the road, and was already in bed. Flossie is clean-living, and likes to be in bed by around 9 pm, but woke up enough to try to convince us that Suzi hadn't given her any dinner, and could we, please? 

Oh no, we said; over-eating isn't good for you. Restraint, Flossie; restraint. Hypocrisy lives.....


the veg artist said...

Oooooh. I've just looked through a selection of the exhibitors, and it's probably just as well for my bank balance that it's too far away!
I love LS's work, though, especially the lamps. Hope he does really well.

Jen said... much yummy food.
I am in love with your son's lamps.

love those cupcakes said...

I mixed up the pictures that went with the words and for minute there I thought the LS had had a radical makeover. Loving his work.

rusty duck said...

At times I do miss being so far from the vibrancy of London.
Best wishes to your son. He does good work, he deserves to do well. Jx

Isabelle said...

Lovely Son's work is lovely! Glad you had such a good time. Wish I could easily visit my daughter in London.

Gwen Buchanan said...

You are very Evil for teasing me with that scrumptious food.. What a great feasting time you had...

Anonymous said...

oh what a lovely trip you had. the photos of the food and descriptions made me hungry, and, i just finished breakfast. it's always great to come home after a holiday isn't it?

Marcheline said...

That girl is a beauty! She should model vintage clothing for a living.

Like you, I also adore Turkish food! Give me a big plate of lamb and veggies on orange bulgur, with a side salad and some esme and flat bread. YUMMMMMM! Lest we forget... some Tamek sour cherry soda!

mountainear said...

The food looks onderful and infinitely more appetising than our planned supper of lamb chops.

....and what incredibly talented and imaginative menfolk you associate with!

Noelle the dreamer said...

Poor Flossie! Aren't you ashamed of yourself Rachel?! Restraint is not part of a doggy's vocabulary, didn't you know? (Ask the Corgi!)
Love LS and M's creations! Went to art school and find factory produced junk just that: JUNK!!
Anything with character (and what the pocket book allows!) is the only way we go!
Blessings to all and a big hug to that 'poor, deprived' Flossie!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That's what I like to see ! Nice clean plates !!
The whole trip looks marvellous . LS and his equally lovely girlfriend are obviously very happy . In fact , so much so that it seems to be catching . The tatoo-ed gentleman seems to be having a great time , too .

Susan Moorhead said...

Lovely day, i enjoyed my vicarious walk and feast with you :)

jabblog said...

Congratulations to the LS and much success to him and his working partner.
London is such a treat, isn't it? Never boring, never quiet - but it is nice to get home again:-)93

alice c said...

I love this post - so much has happened to you that is wonderful since you started writing and this post somehow encapsulates it all.

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