Monday 5 May 2008

Nature table trivia

Nesting birds have stripped the allotment fence bare of all the tufts of cat fur that I placed there two days ago, but have turned up their noses (or beaks) at the fluff from the tumble dryer filter. Come on, Harry, time for a wash and brush up; we must keep the cat-cashmere factory running.

Giant rabbits have taken over the plots, and as there have been no new fox pawprints recently, and reports of dead foxes on the main road, giant rabbits appear to have the upper paw for now. The old codgers talk fiercely of control by savage and violent means, but it's all hot air, I suspect. A suggested alternative is to repel the cute but voracious invaders with good old-fashioned fish, blood and bone. Your humane suggestions welcomed.

Having made the first pond on the site 3 years ago, I am gratified to find that there are now five; they vary greatly in size and shape, ranging from the chi-chi (with solar-powered aerator) to the bargain basement (old bath).

A worrying development is the appearance of the dreaded and deadly New Zealand flatworm; several have been found, and Eddie is keeping his in a secure container of soil, to show it to all and sundry while telling them how it slaughters our native earthworms without mercy. Now, if we could just train rabbits to dig for flatworms......

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