Sunday 25 May 2008

Street bully

This is Pepper, the local thug. But so handsome. And so decorative! (Hattie says: Don't be fooled. Spawn of Satan, if you ask me.)
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Anonymous said...

Like every mother who defiantly defends her child against unfair criticism, I must protest against the labelling of my cat as the street bully (despite the fact that the photgraph does, I must admit, support it). This much-maligned creature is a soft and devoted pet who is afraid of a fledgling. I know . . . I know . . . no-one believes me . . .

rachel said...

Bullies are like that. It all depends on how much the intended victim stands up to them - a loudly-protesting baby blackbird is clearly much louder and tougher and therefore more daunting than a wimpy little dog!

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