Tuesday 12 August 2008

Hurrah! Interim celebration

Update in brief:
  • Meter cupboard constructed, despite much technical awkwardness; coincidentally, meter reader came today and admired, said he wished they were all like that; other cupboards later today
  • Bathroom paint drying, fiddly cupboard-round-old-chimney constructed, shower screen going in now; having second thoughts about the bitter chocolate wall which looked so good with whitish tiles, not quite right with the new ones, but hey, there's time to think about that one
  • Council came and took away all the rubble bags before I could phone in and have the pick up service which would have had to be paid for. Thank you, Neighbourhood Response Team: I'll remember you at Christmas
  • Him Next Door and his family have gone away for a week so I can stop feeling jumpy and guilty every time there's a noisy machine in use (and it also means no smoky barbecues making my house smell of whatever weird stuff they use to start them)
  • Cats, dog and I still grey with plaster dust, but Margery and I will go through the house like white tornadoes tomorrow, the dog can go to Posh Pups (uh-huh, that's the name....) for a bath and haircut, and the cats can have a little wipe over with a warm wet washcloth, which regresses them immediately, as they turn into little kittens, holding their faces up to be licked.
  • Photos soon!

1 comment:

mountainear said...

I wish I could think of more to say than 'there, there, nearly finished.'
Oh to be a kitten.

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