Friday 8 August 2008

Something else

I won't go on about plaster dust, my chesty cough, bathroom progress or the delightfully dinky little heated towel rail that fits nicely in the small space behind the door (my bathroom was created by combining a WC the size of a shoe box with a bathroom that might just have held a pair of large boots, so there's not a big area to be fanciful with). Instead I shall pay tribute to the kind thoughtfulness of friends and neighbours, who have encouraged, calmed and plied me with tea, turned their bathrooms and washing machines over to me, gone shopping for me, and, in Roger's case, presented me with a box of soft earplugs, saying that he had heard my pain..... I have the loveliest neighbours, mostly (Him Next Door excepted, and the loud students, of course) and when I get clean and hygienic again, I shall make them all a celebratory cake or three.

And so to bed now, with my grubby cats and dog in attendance; the bathroom should be finished tomorrow, and the cupboard marathon should start instead. The Farrow and Ball paint sample (Monkey Puzzle for those of you like this sort of thing) that I stupidly thought, ignoring the clue in the name, was the darkest graphite, turns out to be a rather surprising dark bottle green (I know this already because Annie couldn't help herself; she came to visit and view, and before we knew it, she was painting a test patch on the back kitchen wall and voicing determined opinions) so it's back to the drawing board or, rather, the large drawerful of paint charts for me. This is the fun part to come.

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