Sunday 3 May 2009

Oh, Millie!

Never ever before have I had a kitten whose adulthood has been as eagerly awaited as Millie's. She came as a wild hooligan, and that is what she's stayed. Full of curiosity, exceedingly distractable, naughty when there are visitors, in a perpetual hurry, and disobedient at all times. If she were a child, she'd be the one booked in by despairing teachers to see the educational psychologist, affronted mother in tow spluttering "What d'you mean, ADHD? She's just got lots of energy!" while said child climbed whooping onto the desk and knocked the flowers over.

She gets wildly overexcited by a fly coming indoors, and rampages round the house in hot pursuit, regardless of papers and objects scattered, curtains snagged, feet in cat food or water bowls. This is her one undistractable activity. Yesterday, I tried in vain to pin a fly screen net affair over the sunny back door, and before I'd finished, she'd pulled it down twice, having spotted a fly hovering on the other side. The rampage started up again, and continued until, debris everywhere, she'd caught that fly and chomped it with evident enjoyment.

But...but... what is truly endearing about her (and she has many endearing qualities) is her nose flute. When she is really busy, and concentrating fiercely (on flies, and where I've hidden her fur toy in a game of hide and seek), she breathes hard, and makes a little whistling sound through her nose.

Peep...peep...peep...Now, I ask you, who could stay cross with a little cat who does that?


judy in ky said...

Hi Rachel, I just found your comment on my "snarky" post. As for little Millie, I'm afraid I couldn't stay cross with her either. I have also had cats all my life and never had one who whistled through her nose! Also, she looks awfully cute in her photo.

Elenka said...

Who could stay cross with a kitty who LOOKS like that!! Sweetness.....deep down inside.

Susan said...

handsome Millie she does look like a big girl now - love her dark nose. Love from les Gang.

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