Saturday 23 May 2009

Waste not, want not

Millie's shaved patch is growing in nicely. Her stitches seemed to take an age to dissolve or be absorbed, whatever it is they are supposed to do, and a couple of sharp jagged bits stuck out from her smooth side. Now Millie is the household groomer, and hates having a hair out of place; poor fluffy Lottie, who has tufts of hair growing out of her ears, presents a serious challenge to Miss Millie, and she sometimes looks beadily and in a calculating fashion at my eyelashes. But on the whole, she tolerated her stitches very well.

However, this jagged stitch got to her eventually, so she gave it a determined tug and pulled it out. And then she ate it.

I may start sleeping with an eye mask.


Anonymous said...

It looks like protective eyewear is a good idea! My Red Devil "grooms" my hair and eyebrows every chance he gets (usually while I'm trying to sleep in), but so far hasn't shown an interest in eyelashes...

Big Shamu said...

THIS is why I'm a dog person. Cats messing with my mind while I'm asleep.

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