Thursday 21 January 2010


I have multiple shadows.

They follow me up and down the stairs.

Into the kitchen.

They wait outside the bathroom.

They lurk in the hall.

Sometimes they tire of waiting.

And begin to get fidgety and bored.

And disobey the no-cats-on-tables rule.

But they don't give up.

It's not always clear what they want; titbits are always welcome, it's true, but sometimes strokes and cuddles aren't. I can see how bored they get, but they still hang around, keeping their watchful eyes on my every move.

I think they might be my Minders. One of them may publish their memoirs some day, revealing all about my slothful lifestyle.


Val said...

My family are getting a little concerned about me and it's all because of the peals of laughter that issue from my study when I read some of your posts. What do cats want indeed and what would they say if they could talk, never mind write!

Linda said...

At the moment Rupert is fast asleep in the kitchen, dreaming of the day when the builders finish, and he can have a sunny windowsill and the independance of a cat-flap back.
The only place he follows us around is in the garden, and I do find that quite endearing.
I think they just like the security of knowing where their people are, even if they wonder what on earth we are doing half the time!

judy in ky said...

I have shadows here, too. I love them all. It' really fun to know they are there, isn't it?

Rattling On said...

This looks like something your lot might like! She hasn't put where it was from and I've never seen them before.

rachel said...

Toys like the one you linked to can be found at the excellent:

That's where I got the Monstrosity and also the deadly squeaking mouse, both beloved of the cats.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

So you have to be fairly nimble then ?
Meanwhile Lottie's using her superior feline intelligence to sit firmly on top of whatever you were looking at .
And Scooter and Hamish now look joined at the hip .

BumbleVee said...

they are always just hoping for more fun and playtime.... that's it.... all there is to it...... honestly....

Anonymous said...

You are the entertainment manager! Your job is to make string wiggle, feathers flutter and to retrieve ping pong balls from under furniture. I'd say you're doing an excellent job. Do you do locum work?


Lynda (Granny K) said...

I think that sewing large pom-poms onto your slippers might add to the fun! (But try not to break your neck on the stairs if you try this one!)

Pam said...

I wonder if they all have blogs in which they report on your doings...?

Anonymous said...

The rewards of love - your very own watch committee, and Chairman Lottie has drawn up a rota. OllieV

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