Tuesday 28 December 2010

Food critic

Overheard by the Lovely Son in Wagamama yesterday:

Teenage boys queuing. One recommending with vigour the chicken katsu curry.

"It's just like the curry you got at Middle School! Only loads better...."


Lucille said...

Our teenage son would concur. It's his go-to choice every time.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Can't say fairer than that!
Small grandson sits and hums to himself when we eat in Wagamama and he hasn't even got to Middle school yet.

Fran Hill said...

I like the vegetarian equivalent - I think they use aubergine. It's lovely. You've made me hungry!

Susan said...

???? oh my
had to google wagamama + mmmm sounds great
did get the school curry reference having done an exchange while in art school at Chelsea in London

school caf served lots of vegetarian curries...
in fact curries everywhere in London
a very good thing, I think

email to come avec les gory details xo s
am sick (mildly) sore throat & sniffles
poor me ;-) kisses to the Team, Susan

Anonymous said...

I hated school dinners - except for the custard ...... if I could just have had a bowl of custard every day I would have been happy. Instead, I spent my six years of secondary school taking sandwiches!
We are slowly thawing - might cross-border travel be possible soon?

Karen said...

I love to see our differences, especially with food. I could see a huge outcry here in the States if our school cafeterias served curry - "Why are they serving that 'foreign' stuff?". It is a rare item to be found here in Greensboro; you are more likely to find very bad Chinese or Mexican and that's about it.

Hazel said...

Curry for school dinner?! Far too exotic for our middle school, where spam fritters were the most memorable dish - although they oozed fat, they did taste rather good!

"Sunshine" said...

Looks delicious..
While traveling in Thailand earlier this year, I tasted many delicious meals filled with curry. Yum, yum..

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