Friday 10 December 2010


I've been given an 'I Love Your Blog' award with accompanying meme. Usually I do what most of you seem to do, and decline politely, but as this one came from shy and retiring Deleilan, who does not seem overly inclined to such reckless gestures, I thought I would oblige by answering the questions where I could.

So, here goes:

1. Why did you create the blog?

I like to write (and type); I wanted to chronicle for myself the new life of early retirement that followed a long and difficult period of poor health; I wanted to make my computer a more personal tool. I blogged without being aware of having any readers, and with almost no comments, for such a long time, and I still enjoyed it very much. As I still do, especially now that I've stopped caring about grammar and the dreaded split infinitive.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?

Yours. Cheerful, funny, humane, thoughtful, silly, affectionate, personal blogs that don't promote products or try to be too clever. Blogs that give me a glimpse of the bloggers behind them, and of what makes them tick - children, animals, creativity, emotional intelligence, the ability to pick themselves up when they've fallen over, the gift of sometimes being surprising.

3. Favourite make up brand?

I don't wear make up. But my favourite drink is Ceylon tea, and my favourite fruit is cherries, the blacker the better. Will that do instead?

4. Favourite clothing brand?

'In My Dreams'. An amazingly beautiful range by a magical designer who manages to make short stout women look several inches taller, with delicious in-and-outy bits and long shapely legs, and pertness where it matters. Sadly, I've lost the password to my account, and am reduced to buying supermarket cheap-but-comfy bag lady tracksuit trousers and making everything last for years.

5. Indispensible make up product?

Dispensed with years ago; some may say I've given up. True. Skin care though: Clinique. My generous sister keeps me going every Christmas and stops me from having to moisturise with lard.

6. Favourite colour?

Grey. No, black. No, dark red (NOT maroon!). No, chocolate brown. No, rose....... and so on. Whatever won't show cat and dog hair too much - that's the theory, anyway.

7. Your perfume?

Ah, this is where I'm a fusspot. I often feel queasy with perfume, and for more years than I care to recall, have used nothing but Hermes' 'Caleche' (eau de toilette, not parfum), and very sparingly too. Lovely, old-fashioned, subtle, and ages well.

8. Your favourite film?

'Gosford Park'. Watched at least annually; something new to spot every time, and a superb cast of hugely unlikeable but rivetingly watchable characters. And Clive Owen showing that a man can look extreeeemely good in an old-fashioned white cotton vest.....

9. What country would you like to visit and why?

Sweden. No, Finland. No, Norway. No, Lapland. Oh, you know, somewhere that has trees and water and beautiful light (for part of the year anyway). Denmark. I was fatally influenced by HC Andersen's 'The Snow Queen' when I was a child. I also loved Australia, and would have moved there if I hadn't been too old and poor for their snooty Government to accept me.

10. Devise the last question yourself: What holds you back?

Remaining shreds of sanity. Budgetary constraints. Sensible friends. The risk of smelling awful. Fear of being cleared out by the council's dirty squad every year and having my 378 cats forcibly rehomed....

I'm now supposed to pass this award to 10 other bloggers, but I know what you'll do - you'll sigh, press your delicate hand to your throbbing brow, murmur faintly about being all memed out, and can you be excused, please Miss. So I'll just leave it here on the table for you to pick up with a weak cup of Earl Grey tea should you feel the urge for something to do. Or you could just answer question 10 and post it as a comment.....

Thanks, Deleilan!


Anonymous said...

"Shy and retiring" — a very apt description. And you're right, I can hardly believe I posted anything so frivolous on my blog! I'm delighted you were so obliging in this case.

(May I add that "Gosford Park" is an excellent choice, and that Clive Owen does indeed make that vest look quite sexy?)

Lucille said...

What perfumes would reawaken the most potent memories from your youth if you could get hold of them?

Aqua Manda by Goya. PM by Mary Quant.

Anonymous said...

Loved your answers - I wish I knew where to find that clothing label!! We seriously considerd moving to Australia, but at the time there were aged parents to consider .... now I'm trying to persuade Stuart to move there, so we can spend 6 months of the year with him!!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Like all your other readers , I'm delighted to read all your typing exercises! And amused by the unlikely idea of your descent into Wild-Eyed Cat Woman .
As for question 10 ? If it's "What holds you back? ", my answer would have to be not much .
But if I were to devise my own , it might be "If you could do anything tomorrow , anything at all for the day , what would you do? " . And then I'd go off and spend a marvellous hour or two thinking up the Best Day Out Ever .
In fact I might go and do that anyway .

rachel said...

Oh yes, Aqua Manda - heralded the start of bath oils (lethal, made you slip!) but before that, Kiku perfume, in a trendy bright yellow plastic container!

Karen said...

Ooh, Jean Nate Bath Oil in a plastic bottle. Gosh, Rachel, hadn't thought about that in years.

Anonymous said...

I usually avoid meme-y things. Even the BBC 100 beest books one.
And I'll skip this one, too, on the grounds that most people don't really want to know the minutiae of my life(beyond what's on the blog) and I'm insanely busy getting ready for my trip.
As to what holds me back...usually The Man, who pays my bills.But if I was feeling cheeky, I'd say "parachute harness."

the veg artist said...

My 'Saturday job' was in Boots, so I had a staff discount with which to justify lots of Aqua Manda! I can still remember the steaming baths after being on my feet all day in the shop. I've been tempted to buy an old bottle on eBay, just to keep the smell, but I can remember it quite well anyway.
As for clothes, I'd like plain, simple, very well made things that would last for years. There's probably no money in it for firms to make such stuff anymore!
What holds me back - myself. Always. I don't actually care that much what other people think of me!

jabblog said...

I like the idea of your clothing brand. I see wonderful clothes walking about on other people but actually, since I spend my days with dogs and cat, my daily garb is uninspired. It also has to be hair, fur and mud-resistant.

flwrjane said...

I know I'm overworked and my vision is a bit blurry, eyes full of tinsel and all that, but I'm pretty sure i was looking at a photo of you the other day and you are extremely attractive and just the right size.

as for the smell though.....???

xo Jane

Susan said...

Hey Lady ... you are sooo funny. We love you
I'll take you up on the memin'...

1. Why did you create the blog?
As a neater place, one that I had more control of to continue a daily journal and a place to post photos. I'd always wanted to take a photo a day. Now I take 76 a day.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Yours obviously 'cause you make me laugh, blogs with cats, blogs with dogs and a much too long to get through in a day, and ever growing, gigantic list of artist, creative, decor & design blogs

3. Favourite make up brand?
I too for the most part don't wear make-up. Tons of moisturizer and lip balm.

4. Favourite clothing brand?
fleece & denim (any brand will do) as I mostly shop at "just like new" shops

5. Indispensible make up product?
moisturizer ... and will use lard if neccessary

6. Favourite colour?

7. Your perfume?
Lush brand - karma (patchouli orange blend and completely addictive). Watch out you'll have people leaning on you with their noses

8. Your favourite film?
Das Boot (I know kind of a weird choice)

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
New Zealand because it looks so amazingly beautiful and the scenery and climatic regions so wonderfully diverse plus the deepest ocean abyss is just off it's coast. But Hey ! I'd go anywhere.

10. Devise the last question yourself: What holds you back? I'll answer Rachel question

What holds me back ? - tres simple
ME, me, me .. always

great fun merci ! Deleilan (off now to visit you

xoxo S & les Gang

Anonymous said...

Loved that...Your blog is an oasis of calm (compared with here, anyway!) and it's always fascinating to know more.

If you ever find an equivalent of that clothing brand, let me know as I could certainly use it!

Jan x

Sue said...

It's always interesting to find out more about the people behind the blogs and I enjoyed finding out a bit more about you. Agree with you about Gosford Park, it's a great film.

"Sunshine" said...

Thanks for "exposing" yourself, Rachel. Love your answers and love "Cashmere" perfume by Donna Karan. My very favorite and it always gets compliments.

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