Wednesday 30 March 2011

In trouble again

Flossie here:

I've been to see the vet again today. Rachel says she's turning into Mrs Pumphrey and that I should be called Tricky Woo.

Anyway, I had to go, because of all the blood.

Somehow, during our walk/gallop/swim/lollop in the park today, I cut my toe in a way that "a flap has to be trimmed".

I don't know what that means, but I have to wear one of Rachel's old socks for now, fastened with duct tape.

We are going in the car again early tomorrow. Rachel says something nice will happen.

That's all I know. Sleep now.

Rachel here:

Sedation and trimming of nasty ragged cut under her nail first thing tomorrow. The nice thing will indeed happen, but only at lunchtime when the Lovely Son arrives, just in time to come with me to collect her. As he did at Christmas.

Who knew owning a labrador would be so eventful? Or so vet-centric?


Susan said...

I'm in love with her ...
poor Flossie, hooray Lovely Son !!
tres exciting for the tiny dog as well
xoxo Susan & les Gang

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's something about black labradors? Some years ago we had a neighbour who had a fabulous black lab called Pasha. I think Pasha's many trips to the vet paid for fancy cars, foreign holidays, designer clothes .....! His speciality was getting grass seed stuck between his toes, or deep in his ears.
At least the arrival of the Lovely Son will be a distraction for both you and Flossie after trauma of the 'trimming'!

Val said...

She looks beautiful...and is I expect incorrigible :0)

Lucille said...

Flossie needs some role play to help her through this trauma. You could put a sock and duct tape on the orange dog... full of helpful ideas aren't I.

jabblog said...

She knows how to pose, that lovely girl. She'll definitely work her magic on the LS and wangle lots of treats.

Karen said...

I was always convinced that everytime my vet's wife needed a new piece of jewelry, he sent ESP messages to my Maine Coon (long since departed) or one of the other three cats to come down with some very expensive ailment.

Since my vet retired, I've not had anything happen that has required a hasty trip to his office.

Coincidence? I think not . . .

judy in ky said...

I love all of James Herriott's stories. But you don't look at all like Mrs. Pumphrey and Flossie doesn't look at all like Tricky Woo.
We have all fallen in love with Flossie. I'm happy that you and she both have the Lovely Son to look forward to. I wish Flossie a fast, restful recovery.

Lyn said...

Oh dear poor Flossie!
hope she feels better soon.

Auntjune said...

Ohhh, Tricky-Woo. Since my entire view of the UK as a child was formed by watching All Creatures Great and Small, that makes me super happy. Speaking of British tv, I've been watching Doc Martin, and, where is THAT place? It seems like the California of England, so why doesn't everybody live there? Is that where you're moving to? My foreign geography skills leave something to be desired...
Sorry about the toe! Foot injuries stink!

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Poor old Flossie! It's all go up there. Love the sock dressing though. Hope she is ok tomorrow.

Rattling On said...

Our lab was once bitten on the ear by a nasty boxer, it made a rip which bled impressively. Of course it was in the evening when the vet was closed. I sat for a few hours with a teatowel clamped over it, then covered it with that plastic skin stuff. Next day the vet said he couldn't have done better and didn't even charge me for the visit!
The 'incidents' are now all flooding back to me... we've visited the vet with the dog more often than both girls have been to the doctor added together. But not in her later years, if that's any consolation!

June said...

Who knew owning a labrador would be so eventful? Or so vet-centric?

That was a rhetorical question.
Never mind.

mountainear said...

Poor Flossie.....and you've had the carpet cleaned?

Maggie Christie said...

Poor Flossie. Get well soon. I love the stoical expression. "It hurts, the sock is embarrassing but I'm being brave." For a moment, when you mentioned Tricky Woo, I thought it was a case of 'flop bot'. Fortunately not!

the veg artist said...

Have been off-line for two days thanks to BT. Preseli Mags blogged about her problem two days ago - it is currently affecting at least 100 homes and businesses in this area and they don't know what is causing it.
Poor Flossie. Poor you and your bank acount!

Dan said...

Poor Flossie! Our two seem to be at the vets for something or other on a fairly regular basis. Hope you had a great day out today!

administrador said...

I have two nice yorkies.... ABBA and Duna

Bonne Chance said...

OMG how brave - just found your blog and I LOVE it.
A xx

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

How noble of you both to support the Vetinary Benevolent Association .
Like dentists , vets require huge amounts of money to struggle on valiantly and every little counts .

sange said...

Pricky-paw! The worst!

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