Tuesday 28 June 2011


From Lady Buyer (me), this morning, to Lady Vendor (alleged), after striking lack of communication for some days: 

Hello X  -

I wonder if you can get in touch with me? I am beginning to get seriously worried now, as it's almost July, and I still have no confirmation of where I'll be moving very soon. Please let me know urgently if (property) is going to be available or not, because if it isn't, I must come down next week to make alternative arrangements. Time is running out for me. Hope to hear from you by return.



Wasn't I being polite about the deathly silence and my feeling that I was being strung along? 

In no time at all, this came back: 

Hi, Im sorry but the viewing at the weekend was no good.  The house
needed so much work and there wasn’t any view at all.  We are booked into
see two others this week which have only just come on so we are hoping they
may be suitable.  I do appreciate that we can't keep you hanging on and I do
understand that you may have to come back down and see some other houses.
Of course I would prefer not to loose you as a buyer but we have not found
anything suitable yet and have decided against just moving out as there is
not too many houses available for what we want and can afford.   If only we
had another £100k   I have tried the lottery but to no avail!  All I can say
is we are trying and spend all day looking at the options but its got to be
right as im sure you can appreciate.  I am waiting to hear back from an
agent this morning about two viewings so will let you know as soon as we
have seen them. Likely to be tomorrow eve now after work.   We totally
understand if you find something else we will have to accept it and either
take ours off the market or again continue to look and put ours back on.

Sorry it is not the news you were after.

X (lady vendor {alleged})

I couldn't bring myself to respond today, being rather busy with looking online at yet more properties, booking air tickets, sorting out dog and cat care during my absence, and imposing beyond all reason on friend Lizzie

(Lizzie meantime has viewed - on my behalf - a property to rent, has offered me her home, her hospitality, her support, her company, use of her car, and a taxi service to and from the airport. I think that in return I am expected to agree to coffee and a piece of cake somewhere during my visit. No more than she deserves, bless her. Maybe two pieces, even.)

And later today this arrived from Lady Vendor: 

Hiya,  we have booked one viewing tomorrow at 630 and the other one
unfortunately they can't do until Friday at 630.  but will let you know how
things stand after seeing them.

You will, of course, have often noticed that I like to keep this blog unnaturally refined, genteel, ladylike and as near-saintly as is humanly possible, so I won't tell you what I thought, or what my somewhat forthright friends in Canada and Australia said. You may think whatever you please, though, as frankly as you like; just be assured that Lady Vendor may eventually realise that I haven't just stepped off the boat, or have strings that can be pulled indefinitely.

Flying down to Bristol Sunday, house hunting in Somerset Monday, viewing the just-in-case rental on Tuesday. (Renting is the least favoured option, as I would be committed to 6 months' rent and can't have all the animals with me - well, not openly, anyway.) 

Fingers crossed. Again.


Gretel said...

(Or rather, can't punctuate like an educated adult).

Bee said...

Vendors shouldn't play fast and "loose" unless they really do want to lose their buyers. I hope you find something much more delightful and SOON.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine your er, um, frustration? Someone needs a good slapping and it isn't you. Fingers crossed once again.

Arthur Ransome said...

Another grammar judge here too. Everything is again crossed for you in bonny Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully lunch tomorrow (with optional cake) will take your mind off it for an hour or two!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully lunch tomorrow (with optional cake) will take your mind off it for an hour or two!!

Susan said...

We do think perhaps it is a sign that another more suitable house must be waiting in les background or on another burner to be happily discovered this next trip. God Bless Lizzie !! Friends like that are priceless. Fingers, toes & paws all getting a little cramped from being crossed indefinitely ... but will remain at it - promise xo Susan & les Gang

Anonymous said...

How frustrated you must feel! I really hope you find something you love on this next trip and you can console yourself with that wonderful friend of yours.

Frances said...

Very impressed with your very diplomatic first email.... Did it take you long!! Hope you find somewhere nicer, and readily available, on your trip down on Monday. I am with Sue on the subject of grammar..(hope this comment is correctly written).....I went to a girls' grammar school in the late 50's and we was taught dead proper how to write !!

Maggie Christie said...

"I've tried the lottery but to no avail"? Ho, ho, ho. I bet you were splitting your sides by that point (or perhaps not). Good luck with finding something lots better and less 'stringy'.

the veg artist said...

Just don't forget to take some deep breaths occasionally. We really are all willing you on - even hubby asks about your progress every day or so!

jabblog said...

Buying and selling are no picnic . . . hope the bread stays fresh:-)

Amy McPherson Sirk said...

I will keep my mouth shut as I'm an American and tend to be rather forthright, as well.

Marcheline said...

I guess I read too many blogs, and I've lost the thread of what's going on here. Let me try and understand...

You want to buy someone's house, but they haven't found somewhere else to live yet? Is this what you're saying?

One question: What realtor is handling this shoddy deal? That should all be taken care of, paperwork signed, and they should have a non-negotiable move-out date IF they are selling their house. Otherwise how can anyone get on with their lives?

If I have misunderstood the situation, then somebody please clue me in.

rachel said...

Sheesh, Marcheline - how much you've missed! The vendor IS the estate agent! Or rather an estate agent's partner and employee; it's her house from an earlier relationship, and he lives there. They are looking to buy another together, only she seems keener than he is, hence the need to keep her cash buyer dangling while nothing suits him to spend his money on......

That's my jaundiced view of the matter anyway!

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