Friday 17 June 2011


The Lovely Son is attending his first ever ballet tonight at the O2 Arena. Somehow, despite my best efforts to instil some kulcher into his early years, we never managed to get to such an event* when he was growing up. Well, we were poor, and we lived in a backwater and read and re-read books instead.

(*...although once, when he was a very small boy, he watched male ballet dancers on our black and white tv, and, quite scandalised, insisted that "those men have got bare bottoms!")

He is being taken to see this most splendid of ballets by his girlfriend C. He texted me to ask "What is happening to me?". Lurve, dear boy; the civilising influence of a woman, although the signs were already there some time ago as he shopped willingly with me for nicer bedding and crockery for his flat.

C texted me too, to say that he seemed "rather resistant, ha ha". Personally, I think he will be drawn into the magic of it all, the powerful interpretation of the familiar story, the sheer physicality that eludes you if you watch ballet on film or television, the absence of tutus, feathers and fairytale characters, and the impressive fight scenes. It's a splendid introduction to ballet, and I think he is going to love it.

And anyway, She will be with him. Resistance is futile.


A Heron's View said...

I think that ballet is something you either enjoy or dislike. Though to be honest everyone needs to see some before making up their mind :)

Lucille said...

So! What did he think? How far up was he? We were in row T, so vertiginous that I felt I might involuntarily swoop down onto the stage if I let go of the seat arms.

the veg artist said...

As far as I know, no ballet has been performed, in my lifetime, within 100 miles of where I live!

knutty knitter said...

I have my very own ballet dancer. His best friend happened to be a girl when he was 7 and he decided he wanted to go too. He is now nearly 13 and still going strong. Girls have a lot to answer for :) I might add that now his best friend (boy) also goes to ballet with him.

viv in nz

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You can console him with the thought that Husband , in his youth crocodile hunter (ahem!),nifty on a horse and a bass player , will still cross a shark-infested inlet to watch a ballet .Though the O2 Arena might be rather too far these days .

Hazel said...

Oh, the power of love!

Anonymous said...

There now, he is thoroughly enchanted by C.

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