Friday, 6 March 2009

One day it will all be fine....

Mmmm, smart lighting. Mmmm, great doorbell chimes.

Watch this space. The lighting will improve; the copper-pipe-lookalike chimes can actually be heard in the attics, unlike most of my friends' doorbells, and have a nice, deep, old-fashioned ding dong! sound, so will stay. The thick film of dust doesn't photograph well, but, believe me, it's there, everywhere.
My hands are like sandpaper, and my hair is like straw, and I know what I'll be doing all weekend with dusters and hoover. The kitten will help, of course.
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Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your blog, in particular with the delightful shots of your pets, and identifying easily with so much of what you have to say. However, this post touched an extra sensitive nerve as we have to face the removal and renewal of plaster (ceilings and walls) of two rooms, one of which is the kitchen. Yes, I know you have been there and done that; I have read and sympathised along the way, but your title is all but word for word what my DH is saying, and I am afraid, so very afraid.

Rachel said...

And you are right to be afraid, Ollie....

I'll post some encouraging After pictures soon; maybe that will help.

laurie said...

ah, living amidst remodeling! aggravating. dusty. never-ending.

but then one day it does end, and everything is fresh and lovely and new.

hope that day comes quickly.

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