Wednesday 4 March 2009


The dog is having a horrid week. Her over-fastidious and insensitive owner had been making rude remarks about how bad she smelled, and on Monday she had a bath, watched closely, and probably jeeringly, by the cats, who sat wide-eyed on the draining board. The bath made little difference, simply revealing her grubby, dead-looking winter hair as clean, dead-looking winter hair. Her callous owner decreed that she was desperately in need of a visit to Posh Pups, and made an appointment.

On Tuesday she had that visit to Posh Pups, where her brutal owner abandoned her for several hours to go and have lunch with a friend. The dog endured a radical haircut and another bath. She did not appreciate any of this, or even the coconut oil conditioner, but was generously delighted by the unrepentant owner's return.

Today she had a lovely, happy walk in Springlike sunshine with the false-hearted owner, through Jesmond Dene to the vet's, where reality dawned on her: she was being left there. By her murderess owner.

And worse was to follow: she had her teeth cleaned and one of her incisors removed, leaving only 7 teeth behind. She came home later in the day dopey-eyed and sleepy, and forgetting to keep her tongue inside her mouth, but she still managed a good dinner later that evening.

The cruel owner feels guilty and treacherous, and that she did not deserve the tail wagging and warm, if dozy, welcome she received, and is planning some treats for tomorrow (but only after the administration of a nasty antibiotic capsule).
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mountainear said...

I feel a parental-type comment coming on: 'It's for your own good...'

Hope she's got over her ordeals and forgiven you.

PS We had a grooming 'parlour' near us called 'Shampoo and Setter' Lovely name.

rachel said...

The tear-jerking thing about dogs is that they ALWAYS forgive you - in fact, I don't think it occurs to them that you have done anything to be forgiven for. Whereas a cat will punish you for ages, scattering at your arrival, hiding, ignoring, until it judges that you have suffered enough and can be sort-of forgiven...usually by feeding time, by my reckoning.

Anonymous said...

Poor dog! And does she smell better now? Was it all due to the bad tooth?

Anonymous said...

Poor Miss T, although she was a little stinkerpoo last week when I saw her, no where near as stinky as when she'd been sick ages ago and I unknowingly gave her a cuddle! x

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