Saturday, 4 April 2009

Confidence growth! December to April

Lottie on her first, wary day here on Dec. 12th, and as she looks now, full of life and interest. She was rescued from a cold, unheated flat, where she, several other cats and two large dogs were left to fend for themselves, while their owner stayed at his girlfriend's house. Feeding seems to have been occasional, and possibly highly stressful due to competition, and there certainly wasn't enough of it. The rescue people described her as having hip bones that stuck out like coathangers. Not any more! She loves living here, and settled quickly. She's still nervous and jumpy at feeding time, and needs some coaxing to eat more than a mouthful, but she's less fearful of external noises or jostling from her bumptious adopted little sister Millie, and she is steadily gaining weight. I think she's just adorable.

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Susan said...

She is a beauty and a lucky girl to have found a home with you and the rest of the gang. It's so sweet that she's allows Millie to groom her and muss her beautiful coat. Off to do dishes and tidying (sigh). Merci for the email a reply is in the works.

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