Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring in our house

Some things don't change much, year on year.

I buy tulips.

Scooter appreciates them.

Elspeth gets us all roped in. "Minimal gardening ability required" vs maximum competitive spirit.

Millie starts up the mouse factory. Scooter receives the first one off the assembly line.

And is politely requested to take it outside.



Preseli Mags said...

Cats are lovely aren't they. One of ours presented me with a rodent yesterday too. (Rat. Yuk.) It's that time of year. *sigh*

Good luck with the giant spud growing!

the veg artist said...

I take it you are doing the 'street spud growing competition' again. My neighbours can barely tolerate the grass on their lawns!!!

judy in ky said...

aah, Spring! aah, cats! It's true, some things we can always count on.

Aybige-Kedi Defteri said...

Those tulips have to be very tasteful :)
Kisses to Scooter.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Have any of you dared tell Elspeth yet that the growbags are slightly small for her hoped for Sumo potato ?

Lyn said...

Lucy brought me a mouse today, I got it off her (alive) and it nipped me-thats the thanks I get for saving it's life!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun growing your potatoes! I could cope with a dead mouse being presented to me - but I don't think I would like a live one running about the place!!

Isabelle said...

Well, that's 60 and three quarters years I've lived and I never knew till now that there was a closed season for mouse-catching.

The Glorious Eleventh, eh?

(Actually, spring must come earlier in Edinburgh because Cassie caught a mouse a few weeks ago. But she's never going to do it again. I hope.)

June said...

Aha, the mouse factory!
Good one!
MiMau is, at this moment, watching some robins, and hoping that their courting ritual is distracting them enough that one of them might be caught.
Not likely. And she knows it. But a girl can dream.

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