Thursday 26 June 2008

Not superstitious at all

but you never know.....I won £50 on my Premium Bonds this month, and about time too, if you ask me; that Ernie is such a tight git. Then today I had an email from the National Lottery entitled "News about your ticket!" telling me that that they have "some exciting news" about my ticket. Excitement wasn't actually my first response: torrents of spam promising me millions have made me an unreachable cynic, but the accurate spelling and the use of my first name made this message seem a little more genuine, so I restrained my automatic tap on the Delete button.

Very occasionally I buy a lottery ticket online, after my sister had a major win on the Postcode Lottery - I would post the video of her surprise visit by a tv crew here, but if I did, she would most definitely have to kill me - hoping that her luck would somehow transfer to me; the greed-warped logic of that now escapes me. Also, as a Sagittarian,
the least lucky of all star signs, I don't expect to win anything, and am usually proved right. Anyway, after checking that this was a genuine Lotto email and not one of our old scam friends from Nigeria testing my gullibility, I signed in, and found that I had indeed won the lottery. A whole ten pounds of it.

Still, maybe third time luckier, but if not, this month's winnings can't be sneezed at, although my sister did call me an amateur. Cruel and unnecessary, I thought. She has clearly forgotten that I have that video clip of her answering the door in her slippers and a disbelieving attitude to a
film crew from the local news channel.....

No begging letters please.

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