Saturday 28 June 2008

Spot the dog

So, here's a blast from the past for you: remember those pictures in your childhood comic books where you had to spot a hidden object? I'm refurbishing this old step-stool, as it's just what creaky elderly cats need to get up to their above-dog feeding station, and I send my sister a picture, remarking on the little face to be seen in the background. Can she spot the dog? No. I send her a clue: in the doorway. Still no success. Eventually, she gave up and went off to Greece for 6 weeks to lie in the sun; I just hope this hasn't spoiled her whole holiday.
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Denny M X said...


rogern said...

Praps you sent her a photo of some baking by mistake and she is trying to find something profound and Turin Shroud like in it

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