Monday 9 June 2008

Sumer is icumen in

I know, a bit of a cliche, and a tune that you can't quite remember either, (no you can't, you fibbers!) but you get my drift. It's been warm and sunny for about 3 days now, and very uplifting for the spirit too, even though sumer could be igoen out again in no time at all. Remember that on June 1st many of us had to resort to full central heating, with socks and vests and woolly jumpers and blowing on our fingers. No wonder we're obsessed with the weather.

So, the dog and I have frequent little strolls out and about, watch fledglings teetering on branches, sit in the yard admiring the roses in that brief period before blackspot strikes them, and natter to neighbours on the front doorstep. The latest street obsession is how hard it is to park nowadays; the multiple occupancy households, i.e. the easily-identified student houses, are now multiple car households, and attract huge waves of disapproval from the rest of us, mostly, I notice, from those families with more than one car themselves. The cats spend their days comatose and shedding hair on my new white bedding, of course they do.

Occasionally I get back to the major sort-out that has to be finished before the builders arrive. Thankfully, their date has shifted by a month, leaving me more time to clear a path through the attic Room of Shame and make big decisions about books, lampshades, teddies, handbags, and shoeboxes filled with unflattering old photos of wet holidays in Scotland in the days of curly perms. And when sufficient space has been cleared, a small door will be revealed that opens into the eaves.....the eaves that are also stuffed full of things....

Being a hoarder brings its own punishment with it, believe me. Time for a cup of tea in the sunshine and to count the cars.

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