Tuesday 22 July 2008

Being here now....

Well, the worst case scenario was confirmed today, and I know for sure now that Harry does indeed have an aggressive cancerous tumour, and that his life expectancy may be around 3 months. I will medicate, groom, nurture, give supplements, frequent and delicious little dinners, and lots of tender loving care. And of course watch and wait.

But we will also get on with our daily lives, he and I, Kevin and the dog; I can't bear the thought of tearfully living out Harry's days in the expectation of his imminent death and barely noticing what else is going on around us all. There will be time to grieve in due course. Be Here Now is one of the best mantras I know (think the '60's, not Oasis), and Here and Now looks fine to me. Harry, of course, knows nothing else, and is having rather a pleasant day, replete with chicken. Cats and dogs are always in the moment, and the team will be useful role models to have around in the coming weeks.
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laurie said...

sweet harry. i'm so sorry.

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