Wednesday 23 July 2008

The builders are coming. Or are they?

The friend who is co-ordinating the shared Polish builders (The Boys) was bobbing agitatedly somewhere up against my kitchen ceiling the other night, when I misguidedly asked her what was stressing her the most about "all this" (organising, planning, counting beans and advising and assisting the stupid among us) and she snapped "Everyone asking me when The Boys are coming!" She meant me.

Now, when we are almost sure that they are going to arrive next week, arranging delivery of materials is getting fairly important, and I find that I daren't ask her again when The Boys are, on Tuesday, a new bath and smart glass shower screen will arrive, and, sometime during the week, a vast and heavy amount of bathroom and back kitchen tiles, grouting, adhesive and - oh luxury! - an underfloor heating kit. And at some point in the proceedings, a large quantity of kitchen cupboards, shelves, handles, new sink, tap and worktop. Heaven knows where I am going to store it all, as every spare inch of space, including the shed, is filled with all the back kitchen stuff that was moved out a month ago, which was the first arrival date for The Boys. This is where I wish I had a garage. But if I did, I know it would be full already, a third Room of Shame.

If The Boys don't arrive next Wednesday, I might have to give in altogether, store the bath and the materials in the sitting room and live in the kitchen. Life of Grime, I see you beckoning....

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