Friday 18 July 2008


Bad news again....and this time, very bad news. Harry went to the vet this morning as I thought he was too quiet, looking peaky, and bothered by something in his mouth. He'd had a tooth out in May, after which I had him checked over by the vet's nurse, and all seemed well, but the being bothered continued.

Today, Claire the vet found a large painful crater under his tongue - almost certainly a malignant tumour (squamous cell carcinoma; very poor prognosis). So he was kept in, and a biopsy done this afternoon, while I came home to weep and look online at very dismal and discouraging information about feline oral tumours. Biopsy results next week; meantime, antibiotics and painkillers and deep deep pessimism.

Harry is stoical, as cats tend to be, despite stitches and the lingering after-effects of anaesthetic. Kevin, meantime, who has had several death notices prematurely posted in his time and is 3 years older than Harry, continues to be cheerful and contented. Friends, who know how special Harry is to me, are being wonderful, and the Lovely Son is coming home next week.
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laurie said...

oh this is very hard news.

i am so sorry. i hope there are treatments that make him feel better for a long time. good luck to you.

give old harry a sweet hug from me.

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