Monday 29 September 2008

Jesmond Dene and the dog's nine lives

Our walk, yesterday. It looks tranquil enough, and empty (which it certainly wasn't - I have a strange talent for capturing those micro-moments when no one is in view) but there was action, and drama of the usual sort: mad high-speed teenage cycling, suicide dog dithering about in such a way as to position herself directly in the line of the oncoming wheels, Lesley shrieking in a voice high enough for dogs to hear a mile away, and invoking a very rude verbal response along with screeching of brakes.

I missed it all, as I was videoing the play of light on a tree by the river, and thinking noble thoughts, but there is a soundtrack. If you listen carefully, you can share the moment, including some clucking (entirely unnecessary - the dog is oblivious to what a car/bike/pedestrian hazard she is) dog-comforting afterwards.

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