Friday 26 September 2008

Not beautiful, but...

I have just acquired this battered old trunk through freecycle, and intend it to be my forthcoming winter project. It has a plastic quilted top, with sellotape and shiny gold tape holding it together, and glossy green vinyl wallpaper lining the inside. It smells of cigarette smoke. One of the feet is a bit damaged too, but I think a lot of elbow grease, TLC and some Farrow & Ball paint should do the trick.

The dog likes it as it is, but then she would; she's just as scruffy herself.

(Note to self: make an appointment with Posh Pups before the weather changes and
it becomes almost an act of cruelty to remove the dog's home-grown insulation.)
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Anonymous said...

That looks fab! I think it could be really nice x x

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