Tuesday 16 September 2008

One week on

The team have done their moping, clinging, throwing up, being off their food, and life is more or less coming back to normal, despite a large gap in our lives where once there was a delightful, furry, purry, heavy-footed companion. Everything passes.....

Except the rain, which persists most persistently, and feeds the national obsession. Friends living near Morpeth watched in alarm as the stream that runs through their garden turned into a fast-flowing river and inched up to their front door, carrying off their compost bin and a year's worth of its contents, replacing it with 3 wheelie bins of unknown origin. Maggie heard that we have had 6 months' worth of rain in 9 weeks, and takes this very personally, having been over here from Toronto for that period, but as she goes home tomorrow, we are confident that the weather will improve immediately her plane lifts off, and that a glorious Indian summer will ensue. Suzy talks of Seasonal Affective Disorder arriving early, and there was a fascinating item on Radio 4 about Scotland's lack of sunshine being responsible for that country's poor health. (See, it's not all alcohol and deep-fried Mars Bars up there, you know! Though my sister told me a dismal tale of a boy being late for school because he had gone for a McFlurry for breakfast....)

So, unless the prophesied (by me, remember - I want the credit if it turns out to be accurate!) Indian summer arrives, we can expect a winter of gloom, gloom and more gloom, punctuated only by occasional bouts of desperation and despair. We'll enjoy that.

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