Sunday 14 March 2010


Well, sort of. Decided to take my time.

How helpful you were! I now have some options other than composting my ruined treasure.

Those stains won't shift. The suggestion that I frame a portion of the shawl is a lovely one, and I do have a very nice photo of Olwyn to go with it, but framing will be a last resort only; the thought of cutting up my poor baby shawl is too awful just now.

I could wait until I have learned to knit well enough to replace/repair it myself, but  you know how it is; life is short, and mine is littered with nine-day-wonder projects and unfinished good ideas. But stranger things have happened; I am really enjoying re-learning how to knit, and keep saying how much I would like to master a lacy pattern...

Thank you all for your suggestions, all of which have been received gratefully and considered carefully. There's no rush to resolve this difficulty; it took 38 years to get to such a pitch, after all.

I'll be back with news of whatever happens next.


Pam said...

Oh dear. I haven't looked at my two baby shawls, both knitted by ladies no longer with us, for ... um... about 25 years. I'm sure they're fine, though. You think?

Sympathy flows in your direction, though no useful suggestions. Magic wand, maybe?

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Good idea . Stored in tissue paper , it can wait till your knitting reaches lacy perfection.
Or maybe Charlotte can be bribed with more treats . How many bowls of pasta would it take , do you think ?

Linda said...

There may be a way of framing the shawl without cutting it in any way. You could buy a 'box' frame - one that has about an inch or so between the glass at the front, and the backboard. If you could find a sheet of thin perspex a little smaller than the glass, lightly sand the edges so they don't snag, and fold the shawl over the perspex in such a way that some of the plain and some of the edging went across the front, the rest of the shawl might fold behind. You could do a trial run with some card to see what size frame you'd need. Don't use card to wrap the shawl around for framing though, it would stain it, and you would have to hang it well away from direct light, but it could look lovely with your decor!

Just an idea!

Jinksy said...

Isn't it great that Blogland always has ideas? Stops us from mithering about anything on our own. Umpty nine heads are obviously better than one! LOL!

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