Monday 20 September 2010

Dress Code

An update from trainer Fran:

The dog's bandanna signals to everyone in the village, who would otherwise stop for a chat, that this is a training walk, not a social event, and that a brief nod, rather than a conversation, is all that can be afforded. Clever, no?

PS An update from Hamish:

This new soft bed is much nicer than the hard plastic kitchen bed, thank you. And brown suits His Gingeriness very well.


Fran Hill said...

I'm intrigued. Who's supposed to get the message about the bandanna - other dogs? Or other owners? And another question. If I wear a bandanna in the street, will people realise I just want to be left alone?

jabblog said...

Oh, cats will take over any bed!
Umm, has Florence/Flossie grown out of the chewing/shredding stage? I only ask because Frodo, 8 years old (admittedly a Dalmatian and therefore not in the same league as biddable Labradors) is still partial to tearing up bedding - particularly that which has been freshly laundered.
I loved the photo of your cats peeping through the bannisters.
Maybe a bandanna on our dogs would help people to understand . . . maybe not!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

I think you are going to be in for a 'fun' time! Enjoy! :o)

Lucille said...

I'm nodding!

susanFrances said...

Oh..... is that what doggie bandanas are for!! I just thought that the owners had no sense of canine style!

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