Monday 13 September 2010

Honing my skills as a spoilsport

At the risk of sounding horribly conceited, I must say that my reflexes are speeding up no end these days, with all the mousing I do.

I can now:

  • recognise loud squeaking in back yard as mouse SOS
  • leap into Supermouser costume - no, you can't see me wearing it; however, I can assure you that she and I could be sisters:
  • locate camera
  • take a snapshot 
  • seize high-tech mouse-catching box
  • lock cat flap (avoiding unwanted entry by cat with mouse) 
  • dash out of the back door
  • pursue fleeing mouse (today's got out under the yard door into the back lane ) 
  • capture said mouse with box while fending off pursuing tabby cat with foot
  • release mouse (unharmed, just a bit damp) under the trees at the end of the street
  • be back home again to reproachful looks from all concerned

All within five minutes.


What was that for?

Practice makes perfect; I'm becoming almost nonchalant about it now.

What I need to work out next is how to make these skills transferable, so that other areas of my life become as efficient and productive as the rescue of small rodents from the jaws of horror. Suggestions welcome. I already have the costume.


lovethosecupcakes said...

What experience do you have with rescuing frogs? Teeny, tiny ones. Teeny, tiny ones firmly clamped between a cat's jaws, a cat I can't yet bring myself to speak to.

Lucille said...

It's time to rename your blog. Life in the Fast Lane. That top picture demanded the reflexes of a - well a cat, dare I say it. Worryingly large mouse I thought.

Catherine said...

LOL ~ fun post! I can just picture that superwoman running around like crazy ~ leaping over tall buildings, catching those mice! :)

Have a Happy Monday!
xo Catherine

the veg artist said...

A skill in direct opposition to those with whom you share your home!

Val said...

The 2011 London to Brighton Marathon comes next! Beautiful pix of the cats.

judy in ky said...

Your photo-taking skills are amazing. Great cat and mouse pics!

Val said...

Can I confess to siding with the cats on this one

Dan said...

Hi Wonder Woman
What a great shot of the mouse! You must have fast reflexes to get that one!
PS. Apparently unless you release them over a kilometre away from home, they come straight back. Our builder found that out last year. He released them, and they were back at his house before he was!

rachel said...

No, no, Dan, these poor mice don't belong anywhere near my house! A certain tabby cat goes out hunting for them in the nearby parkland and I try to rescue them. I do sometimes wonder if she has occasionally caught the same mouse twice though!

Pam said...

I think those reflexes would be just the job for doing some of my marking for me. Just say the word and I'll send it down the country. You could do it superquick and take a photo of it to boot. It doesn't move quite as fast as a mouse, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Super photos!! Usually by the time I fetch the camera, the intended subject has legged it down the road!

Sue said...

I'm breathless just reading that!

Fran Hill said...

I think you are almost a cat.

Bee said...

Your spoilsport skills are impressive.
And that cat really does look like he's saying "Harumph!"

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Have you thought of becoming a store detective ? Though the outfit might give the game away , rather .
Sonata .

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

If you were looking for another career (which I believe you are not) I would suggest traffic policewoman. Or BBC wildlife photographer. Maybe a job on Autumnwatch?

jabblog said...

Excellently speedy reactions. I notice only one cat seems to be engaged in the hunt.

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