Monday 21 March 2011

Spoiled or what?

The kindest visitors today: frayedattheedge Anne and Malcolm. It was a bit of a mad rush to be ready for their arrival at 10.30 - the walk through the park this morning was lengthened by having to double back a good way to look for (and find - hurrah) my dropped mobile phone case - and it was only when I got home that I realised I'd gone out without brushing my hair. Not that the early dog walkers would notice or indeed care, but it takes me one step further into full bag-lady mode.

Anne brought me a knitted cushion cover backed with a tweed fabric, which I had tracked as a work in progress, so I knew in advance that her knitting would be perfect. The pictures don't do the blue-grey justice, or show the close match with one of the shades in my mother's tapestry cushion:

She also brought along some cotton yarn and instructions for a knitting project, and some crochet yarn to teach me how to join different colours. Yes, I'm that much of a crochet beginner; I learn much better by being shown, rather than by reading instruction books.

Anne was a patient teacher, and I understood for the first time the meaning of terms like double or treble crochet. I shall practise; crochet is soothing, and I don't seem to make as many mistakes as when I knit.

Malcolm's mission was to repair the sunken section of the landing floor, which was showing badly under the new carpet. He came equipped with tools, and a new blue boiler suit; I would prefer to think it was to protect him from whatever he found under 107-year old floorboards, and not the ever-present pet hair with which my house is insulated.

We had lunch - pea, courgette and mint soup, home made crusty bread, and salad - then Anne and I crocheted over a cup of tea while the slave Malcolm returned to his work, building up the sunken section, and covering it with hardboard to level it with the rest of the floor. A perfect result.

Later, I gave Anne a demonstration of how to make fat, light cheese scones, and Malcolm gave us a demonstration of how to eat two in rapid succession, piping hot from the oven. I didn't take photos, but Anne did; she also showed with her pictures that Malcolm had not laboured alone. No cats were actually photographed getting under the floorboards, but I suspect that as conscientious inspectors, they did their best.

Anne and Malcolm stayed till around 4, then set off on a lengthy journey home. It's hard to believe how kind and helpful these two are; I can't think that a bit of baking is adequate to say thank you for the help they have given me.

And what's just as amazing is that they are coming back soon! Malcolm regards my dishwasher as a challenge, and will not be defeated by it; he has retired to consult online manuals, if such exist, and will return to try again. Lemon drizzle cake and something fruity is on the to-do list for me....

I feel very spoiled. I am very spoiled.


Lucille said...

What nice people. A heartening story in these troubled times.

Anonymous said...

It's lovely to have such good friends, mind you, they probably only come down for the cheese scones!!

the veg artist said...

You do seem to know some very kind, generous people. Well done them!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. It's so good to have people to help and this reminds me of how much good there is in the world, despite everything. Your crocheting has also sparked the craft urge in me across the ocean, except for me it's a rug to hook. Thinking of how High Craft Time is winding down, tho spring doesn't really come here to Maine till June. Hugs to all, especially Flossie, my fav. Ann

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

How nice to have such talented friends! Sounds like everyone had an enjoyable day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words about us! We'll go a long way for a good cheese scone!

Maggie Christie said...

What delightful friends. Everyone should have a Malcolm with a mission and those cheese scones sound delicious.

Lesley said...

In't people brilliant!! (In the style of that old Fast Show sketch in case you're wondering what I'm on about).

PS. Your tale of rescuing the old blind cat inspired me to stop for a run over cat last night. He's still alive with a broken pelvis but I haven't found the owner yet and I feel terrible thinking of him all by himself at the vets.

Lesley x x

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