Sunday, 4 July 2010

Evolving ve-e-e-ery slo-o-o-owly

I noticed that exactly a year ago from the day that Mr Trendy Specs came to value my house (June 8th), I had posted this.

I see that nothing much has changed since then, except for some progress in relation to the first question.

Brownie points to me on that one. But it took me a whole year!!! I need to raise my game, or I'll be moving from here straight into the Care Home for Aged Gentlewomen Who Smell Slightly of Cats.....

And the answer to the question about where I would want to go for an hour remains exactly the same as a year ago - this is the Lovely Son's busy time, and I don't get to see him much (sniff).

The rest of my answers reveal that I remain as shallow as ever. No hidden depths, me.

Sadly, I've lost track of wherever Mrs Bagwash went when she closed her Life Laundry - bloggers come and go, I suppose, but sometimes that's a shame.


Karen said...

I went back and read last year's entry and, God, Rachel, I can hardly comprehend wearing socks and a duvet coat in June. This June was the hottest we've had here in Greensboro since they started keeping records back going back to the 1880's. Two straight weeks of mid-90 degrees and the other days in the high 80's. I grumble about it constantly even though all I do is go from air-conditioned house to air-conditioned car to air-conditioned office to air-conditioned stores. It's the 15 seconds out in the actual air that we all piss and moan over.

Maybe I should move to England as I hate, hate, hate this heat.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Reading that , having finally done all the DIY , must be enormously satisfying .
So now , despite feeling slightly green on maybe one small , very pretty cake too many , you must be chuffed to bits !
( Using really ancient slang is Very Cool .... the living trend , in fact ) .

Pam said...

Had fun reading your 2009 post. Out of curiosity I found the nearest red-spined book (vintage), mentioned in the tag, and the sentence I found on the page was- "She bent her wits to talk this Ivy into a happier mood". Such a funny old-fashioned phrase!. Did you "bend your wits" thinking what may appeal to a buyer for your house? Congratulations on all the work and putting it on the market.It looks great. Like your funny evolution picture.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I think you've all evolved at breakneck speed this year .
House now immaculate and painted , paved and roofed ... and with Rival Would-be Buyers !
All cats now visible and communicating . Spiderlings hatched and independent . The Curse of the Pumpkin and Courgette avoided .
And presumably , as I write this , you're hurtling round Somerset , finding lots of bijou residences , that you can wave your magic wand over .
What was the slogan on those skinny cigarette ads . ?
"You've come a long way Baby! " ?

P.S. this may , in fact , be my second comment on this post .... my Scatty Old Bat Syndrome has also evolved nicely .

Lesley said...

'Nothing much has changed' in the past year, and you need to raise your game???? Are you not the person I know who is presently effecting the miracle of a life change in the manner of a Garry Kasparov? Sorry, you can't put your bishop there madam.

Veronica said...

Hey, I remembered reading The life Laundry and I think you will find the author here:

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